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jjnord 01-14-2008 09:36 AM

help w/ installing OEM fog lights&dome light-new question!
This is actually my first post here! I've been searching and reading and have found some good info already that I've ALREADY done to the 04 Focus my wife and I got about a month ago now. I do have some questions that I couldn't find answers too though...
Bit of back story, I've basicly been bitten by the Ebay bug and have boughten quite a few things there now...
fog lights:
-ok, so our focus does have the wiring there aready; but I bought a set of fog lamps with mounts and the two plug ends don't match[scratch] . I haven't seen anyone post about this before. Is it possible I may have gotten some sort of "euro" spec fog lamps?
-Also, I just cut the ends of the lower gille off with a dremel tool; but it looks like I have to buy the OEM grille w/ fogs to be able to mount them; right?
The fog's mounts have like a prong on one side and a c-clip on the other. I can't figure out what to clamp this too.
-(btw, I got a new OEM switch with the fog option)
-one last fog question, this fog light mod as day time two locations the the homemade harness/wires go I still need a buy a relay if I do this? If so, swish location in the fuse box does the relay go into?

One more electrical thing...
I picked-up a rear dome light from a focus wagon that I want to put in our sedan. It has the wiring there already (wires cut off right after the plugs).
-how do I wire this? I figure I'll cut a hole in the headliners, do I glue it in place?
-what wires do I need to splice into in the front light?


jjnord 01-19-2008 02:08 AM

NOBODY knows?!?[mecry]
Come on, help a newb out[wrenchin]

smoknblackzx3 01-19-2008 04:52 PM

I'm not familliar with the '04 mounting, are these the triangle shaped lights that fit in the corners of the lower grille?

On my '03 the prong and clip go into the stock fog grille to hold the light housing in and the wiring plugs directly into the lamp. I was fortunate that the lights I received from a member had the mounts on them and I American engineered them into the proper place.

I'm still looking for a stock fogs grille to replace the non fog grille that I engineered to fit.

The relay location is in your owners manual, or should be . . . If you do the DRL mod you won't need the relay. They are about $8 +- so you might get one incase the local popo don't like your DRL in the fog position or you decide you don't like it. The switch is plug and play, a simple part exchange.

Good luck


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