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Jonnerboy 06-23-2007 03:16 AM

Tail light removal??
Hey everyone, I read up on the threads about how to remove your tail lights. I plan on tinting them (SVT zx3) tomorrow so I wanted to be sure I knew how to remove them before hand.

I removed the phillips screw and the wingnut, then pulled to get the last clasp thingy free. I heard it pop free, and I could look into my wiring area and see that it was not fastened anymore. BUT my tail light would not come out! It acted like there was something else holding it in close to the side window. I pried and tugged but it didn't come out. Is there something I missed or am I just being too timid on the force? Is it supposed to feel stuck in one more place? [dunno]

Tom 06-23-2007 03:31 AM

Give it a little force and it should pop right out.

edmhatch 06-23-2007 03:36 AM

yea i was worried but i just said [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]* it and pulled and it was a little clip holding it in so it will be ok :)

HaveBlue83 06-23-2007 05:13 AM

I will be doing this soon as well.....swapping for TYC tails.....

Focust07...keep your rims....02SVT's bend easy......and your's look pimp

StealthGray 06-23-2007 05:18 AM

As I remember, pulling as straight out as possible helps too...

FleaWannaBe 06-23-2007 09:07 AM

tails are female dogs to get out

Impaled 06-23-2007 02:40 PM

huh...tails are easy to get out...

limeyrider 12-22-2012 03:12 PM

Just to flog an old dead horse ...
I just did this 5 min. ago. THE BIG sticking point was not the upper clip so much as the rubber gasket. Turns out it had some adhesive from the factory holding it to the rear window. I used a thin plastic pry bar to work it loose.

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