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mikealicious 04-09-2012 03:43 PM

results from my ASVAB
well I got the results from my ASVAB.

fairly happy with them considering I'm a TERRIBLE test taker. haha the whole test took me just less than 90 minutes which I was pleasantly surprised with (I've heard horror stories about a 4hr test).

although I don't need a high ASVAB score for it, I'm planning on enlisting as an Army 11x, and try to get option 4 (airborne infantry). But since I qualify for it, I might try to get 18x (special forces) if it pops up. I know they have a super high washout rate, and it's an insanely tough course to get through, but I figure even if I wash out, it still defaults back to airborne infantry which is cool, but if I make it, I'd be one BAMF. haha

anyone have any experience with either MOS's? any tips? I'm currently just waiting for my livescan (fingerprints) to come back so I can start the waiting game of snagging my MOS and going to MEPS to get sworn in.

TiStick 04-09-2012 04:02 PM

I have no experience with either MOS. But I do have some thoughts for you.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't mean this in a bad way. What are your goals, interests, skills, etc? Does 11x or 18x translate well to any civilian position other then police/security?

I'll use my own case as an example. My AFQT was 99. I had recruiters calling my house. I joined the Navy, went into the nuclear power program. I never gave one thought to what I really wanted to do with my life. I got out 8 years later, after really enjoying the technical aspects of my job, but hating the military aspects of my job. I used my GI Bill to train for a different career(commercial pilot/flight instructor). I was instructing on 9/11, and watched my career prospects literally go up in smoke. There was no hiring. I moved back home, got a decent state job, was bored out of my mind. Got back into flying in 2007, got laid off from the airline I was flying for when the economy went south in 2008. Guess where I work now? In a power plant. 20+ years later, I am falling back on my military training and making a living. I don't think I would have that option if I didn't have the breadth of technical training that I received in the service.

Find the most technical discipline for which you qualify and have an interest for. If infantry is really your interest, great. If there is anything else in the MOS book that piques your interest, give it some serious thought. Serving our country is something I'll never regret, and I'm downright thankful that my training and skills were able to pay dividends many years down the road.

Good luck in whatever you choose, and thank you for your future service!

BTW, I entered at the Oakland MEPS in September, 1990.

scoutout 04-09-2012 05:08 PM

only advice i have is do research and make sure its the mos you want. also try and think about what you can do if you dont stay in your 20 yrs. i went avation after many days of thinking. i wanted to be a combat medic or combat something. but thanx to my wife she talked me out of it. and i have a damn good avation job now. so just think long and hard.

1stTimeFocus00 04-10-2012 11:57 PM

Like others had said, make sure your thinking about the future, not just short term. I know kicking down doors and kicking ass is cool, but the way the Army is now transitioning to peacetime, infantry might not be the way to go. If I had a choice, I'd do a support MOS in order to learn technology or management or something along those lines and get certificates I can use out in the real world. Being a "lifer" in the military is going to get tougher with harder and harder standards being inplaced, so also think about that. If you have any questions about the army or infantry, feel free to PM me

Graves 04-11-2012 10:32 PM

11x or 18x, unless your looking at the military as a career there is very little that you can use your experience outside the military.

blackcervini 04-12-2012 08:02 PM

This is very serious choice in your life. The future is in the unmanned aviation field. Already T. Boone Pickens is using unmanned drones to inspect his wind farm equipment along with tall building owners using them as well. Just think about cattle ranches in the west using them to manage herds. Okay I am getting a little off the subject, but this is one example of the future uses of your skill. I went in the USAF as a Combat Controller, got burned out due to the tempo, and now work in the auto business. Not a lot of call for a guy with terminal attack skills that can blow stuff up. Just think hard about this. Good luck.

WiscoGTI 04-12-2012 09:14 PM

Whatever job you pick.. I recommend making sure it's something you can use in the outside world. Like helicopter mechanics.. those dudes come out and make BANK in the civilian world. I want to say upwards or over $100k a year. Or even MP.. even though the Army is phasing out L&O MP's and handing those jobs to the horrid DoD Police. That's something you can use in the civilian world to become a cop, or US Marshall, or whatever.

Just think about that, even if you plan to make the military a career. In 8 years, you may have a change of heart.

Other than that, looks like you did about the same as me on your ASVAB. And I got into the MP Corps. But I also want to be a police officer.

mikealicious 04-26-2012 05:51 PM

so after much deliberation, a lot of chatting with friends from different branches, different military jobs, etc I made my decision. I wanted 11x option 4, or 11x option 40 (I know this is a longshot). I don't see anything stopping me from making a career out of the military, or possibly changing MOS's down the road. On Monday, I told my recruiter to look for 11x jobs when they popped up. Sure enough, my phone rings this morning and he tells me there's a few 11x option 40 positions available! I told him I'd take it. Now I go to MEPS on Tuesday to draw up my contracts and get sworn in. Projected ship date is 11/6/12. Besides the post 9/11 bill and G.I. Bill, any other perks I could get added to my contract?

scoutout 04-26-2012 06:52 PM

well congrats! and thank you for making a huge decision like this not amny people are brave enough to join any service. not sure about any bonus i would ask if there are any you qualify for.

Graves 04-27-2012 04:35 PM

Ask for duty station of your choice.

When I went in I got the GI Bill, ,20k bonus, Airborne school, and RIP. After Airborne school I took the opportunity to go to Bragg instead of Ranger Battalion so I could stay for sure on the east coast.

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