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Bansheeman6100 03-18-2012 10:27 PM

Army recruiters: need some advice regarding DEP
hi, hoping i can get some non-biased advice in here regarding my situation. i went to see air national guard recruiter initially, due to having a GED and was under the impression they were the only service that did not require the 15 college credits with a GED. but i called an Army recruiter to talk about reserves, just in case. long story short, i went in, and ended up signing an active duty contract for 68W. i have already been to MEPS, passed the physical (minus being colorblind, apparently), and scored a 79 on my ASVAB. i had always wanted to go active duty, but family and home situations prohibited it. and it seems they may again, due to my mothers health deteriorating further. i understand thats i can apply to have her as a dependant, EFMP, etc, but those all take a good bit of time, which i am not sure that i have the luxury of. so i am considering becoming a RA DEP loss, and re-signing with the reserves or NG. my main issue is the fact that i have a GED, and do not have the 15 credits. i have spoken to a NG recruiter, and was told that would not be an issue. i would rather go back through my recruiter and the reserves, but not sure if that will be an option.

i do not take this decision lightly, and have been torn about it. i know that on the active side, i will in the long run gain more respect, get better training, and the OJT will be much better. but im just not sure if its the best time. my initial plan was to go reserves, then go active later if it was still what i wanted to do (also having a few years of college under my belt and pursuing a warrant), but was talked into doing active first, by the recruiter and myself partially. so any and all advice is appreciated, thank you!

birdman_a15 05-09-2012 10:04 PM

Do what you want to do. It is very hard to go from guard to active now a days. The Army is getting rid of soldiers left and right and feeding them into the guard and reserves. You will get more training active but better would be a case by case issue. Having been both reserves and active with multiple deployments I can say that we all get the same training, it depends on the instructors more than the component.

Good luck!

JayDeZ 05-10-2012 07:20 AM

I can tell you that I love being a 68W in the National Guard. We all get our NREMT-B in AIT so you will always have training and a certification to fall back on if you need a job.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

Gettysburg150 05-11-2012 11:43 AM

Respect is in serving honorably not being guard, reserve, or active. People will either appreciate what you do or shit on it, no two ways around it. Think long and hard about it cause it is a big decision. I receive excellent training and they are always trying to get me to different schooling. Plus if I wanted to go back to school to get a degree it would be 100% paid for at a state school for the PA guard. I just have no desire or real reason to do this lol. I enjoy my civilian job and I get to blow shit up on the weekends. What more could ya ask for?

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