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NotAnSES 12-23-2011 04:02 PM

In USAF tech school.
Hey everyone.

Just graduated USAF BMT recently, and am in tech school. My job is Emergency Management. Does anyone here have any advice on tech school? Im on exodus right now so im out for another week! Any advice?

PowerFocer 01-18-2012 11:01 AM

Not sure what you mean by exodus, but I finished my 3 level about 3 months ago (waiting to go to FTU) and all I can say about tech school is FOCUS! No pun intended. At least in mine we covered a lot of information very fast and if you don't keep up you will get left behind. What AFSC is Emergency Management?

NotAnSES 01-22-2012 12:18 PM

3E9X1 is the AFSC code. So far i like it alot. Did you go through the Terry facility at Ft.Leonardwood?

PowerFocer 01-24-2012 02:41 PM

No I went through aircrew fundamentals at lackland (which sucked), then I moved on to my 3 level training elsewhere in san antonio. So I was in Texas for quite a while. How far along are you in school? Much left?

NotAnSES 01-25-2012 06:51 PM

Im about a month into it, and have like 2 more to go. There are some things I dont like, like PT is a joke. We run 4 miles straight on concrete, and basically everyone is injured or always sore...its not even helping us.

PowerFocer 01-28-2012 02:33 PM

That sounds like tech school. Its all good though, as soon as its over life becomes normal again and you'll have a reliable, well paying job. Just gotta get through it.

NotAnSES 02-05-2012 02:03 PM

Im stressing out about the 2 weeks of hazmat training after I graduate the schoolhouse. If I dont pass that, I get kicked out of the AF. And its 8 weeks of material crammed into 2 weeks. Lots of studying!

PowerFocer 02-06-2012 11:13 AM

They always give you that horror story to make you try super hard. In all actuality the chance of you getting kicked out of the AF after they spend tens of thousands of dollars training and processing you is extremely slim, unless you majorly [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)] something up. Its far cheaper to reclass someone into like secfo than to bring in a brand new person. Not saying it wouldn't be [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]ty ending up in secfo, but they aren'y going to discard you. So I wouldn't worry about that. Tech school for me consisted of having no life at all. School, gym, book. That was my life everyday for 2.5 months. Just concentrate and you'll be perfectly fine. I have to go through another 4-8 months of training before I even start my job so its not easy for anyone (save maybe services). Just think of the pride you'll have and how bad*ss you'll look to all your friends and family. Its good motivation even if it may be a bit narcissistic.

I'll PM you my private email in case you need any advice or help. Wingmen stick together.

NotAnSES 02-06-2012 09:35 PM

Thanks bud! Re-classing to secforces is not on my radar lol I really need to study HARD. What is your AFSC?

PowerFocer 02-07-2012 12:25 PM

I'm a 1U0. Sensor op for RPA's. I finished tech school. Still have to go to flight training, which is what I'm waiting for. And I was just using secfo as an example. A guy in my aircrew class dropped out of PJ and became an Aerial Gunner, so not every reclass is bad.

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