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russmistro 06-29-2011 05:44 PM

Joining the Army
Hey everyone. I have recently made the decision to join the Army. Ive just starte gathering all of my paperwork for the background investigation so I am very early in the process, but I am still pretty excited. I was told that I wouldn't be shipped out for Basic Training until Jan/feb so I'll have a while to wait before I actually go. So some questions, what's basic training like? Like a police academy on steroids? I haven't decided what I want my exact MOS to be but I know I'm intelligent enough to score high enough on the ASVAB to be able to choose something desirable..hopefully :/ from there, and I know the chances are slim since 95% of ppl don't pass the training, but SF is something I definitely wanna be a part of. So tell me, what should I expect once I leave??

birdman_a15 06-30-2011 11:18 AM

Congrats man... Basic isn't hard. It's very physically demanding and mentally trying.

Just make sure you're going in for the right reasons and you keep reminding yourself that it is only temporary.

As for the physical part of it, don't show up just passing the joke of a PT test the recruiters will give you. You want to be somewhat fit when you show up cause you will hit the ground running, no pun intended.

SF is a good path if you really want to do it. Don't do it cause it sounds cool, do it cause you want to be SF. Also in order to apply for SF you will have to contract 11X (Infantry.) If you wash out of the school you will be Infantry. Something to think about.

There are many MOS's in the Army that are great. I'm a 25U, Signal Support, 12B Combat Engineer, and 12C Bridge Engineer. I have been in for 10 years and have deployed twice. I was Air Force for 4 years and switched. I love the Army so much more.

Hooah! and welcome to the family.

PS... Just a hint, while at MEPS and until you grad out of BMT. Don't talk crap about the other services. Remember we are all one team and you have to earn the right to trash talk the flyboys, jarheads, or barrelblowers. lol

russmistro 06-30-2011 12:14 PM

Yea I'm not interested in SF for the 'cool factor'. It really just caught my eye as something that I could see myself loving to be a part of.
I am physically fit already, so any physical exams or the physical aspects of basic training will not be difficult for me.
And why would I talk down about any of the other branches? I agree that we are all a 'team' and I'm not a big fan of trash talking either.

Thanks for the response. I hope to see some more input as this is going to be a dramatic change in my life and I'm hoping some other experienced guys/girls can fill me in even more.

birdman_a15 06-30-2011 02:01 PM

When you hit MEPS and start getting around some of the other asshats that are joining... You'll understand why I brought it up.

But, when you earn the right then you can. We all trash talk each other. It's a part of the military life.

TXFocus210 07-02-2011 02:30 AM

Im 35N SIGINT Analyst...welcome to the team.

alwalk3 07-02-2011 12:40 PM

Im 31B Military Police, and just graduated Basic and AIT Feb. of this year. Now stationed In Germany. Anyways, basic wasnt all that hard, nor was It all that easy. Im sure you've heard about the phases, red/white/blue. Ill break It down how my basic was. Red phase does suck, constant yelling for the dumbest shit ever. Start to memorize the soldiers creed before you go. White phase Is when things got a bit more fun since It was weapons qualifications the whole time, and blue phase was mainly cleaning your CIF gear and your final Inspection by your BC.

Go In there thinking Its hard as shit, so that you notice It wasnt that bad. Just remember, the drills are just doing their job. You will see them open up to you and see the real them when they sit you down and ACTUALLY talk to you. PT Is no joke, I suggest getting Into shape for It. Just dont go In their weak minded, other wise you will end up like quite a few people crying and shit asking to go back home, which they do... If you got any more questions, PM me or post It on here. I still do remember a lot from basic.

russmistro 07-02-2011 01:37 PM

^^i plan on doing MP as well. My grandfather did the same thing and was stationed in Germany as well. How do you like it out there?
For PT I am in shape, but I know that I need to RUN like mad.

alwalk3 07-02-2011 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by russmistro (Post 3726750)
^^i plan on doing MP as well. My grandfather did the same thing and was stationed in Germany as well. How do you like it out there?
For PT I am in shape, but I know that I need to RUN like mad.

Germany Is pretty cool. Especially since the drinking age Is 18 haha. Where Im stationed Isnt all that great, but Im still only like 3 hours from Paris, 8 hours from Italy, and so on.. So It aint that bad. Yes, run. Get that 2 mile run as low as possible. Over all, Army Isnt that bad. Too easy actually. Your told where to be, what time, and In what uniform. So If you mess up, Its on you. But Its hard to mess up.

edingeek 07-02-2011 09:45 PM

Nice, good luck :-) I'm ex navy (6 years, got out in 06).. But went to Iraq for a year as a contractor (RAID/MEE FSR) working with the Army in 08-09.

russmistro 07-15-2011 11:27 AM

So I took my asvab on Wednesday. I scored a 72 which I was told was a good score. I felt bad bc the girl that went with us to take her 2nd asvab didn't pass. Oh and some more good news for me is that I will go into basic as E3 bc of my college credits so I'm excited about that. I guess next thing to do is the physical part of the testing then pick my MOS?

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