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MR.BLUESTANG 03-09-2011 11:06 PM

Serious Question. Anyone in the National Guard?
Anyone in the Guard?

Tell me what you think of it.
What you are doing, have done or going to do in the Guard.
What perks are there.
Have you been suckered into anything that they never mentioned.

I'll be up front an honest, I [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]*G HATE anything to do with war with other counrty's etc etc etc..... I could kill a deer without thinking twice but another human? WTF is wrong with the world?

So the reason i'm wondering is because i'm at a stand still in my life.

2 Years ago i went from making $15+ Per hour with Full benefits, Paid time off, $2,000 per year bonus's, and the luxury of driving and working on car's we all could only dream of owning, To being unemployed. Before i became unemployed i had a feeling the place i was workin for was gonna go down hill quick due to a bad buisness deal between the owner and customer that sunk the company well over a million $ in the hole. So i went to the bank and asked for a small buisness loan of $100,000 and i was approved! "BUT" i had to come up with 40% down :( So my dreams of owning a small buisness faided away..........

So i've been looking for work and its hard. I've been working part time at a friends shop but yet i'm struggling to pay my bills?

I have 2 College degrees, ASE certified in 7 diffrent categories, along with 12 other certifications, And well over $15,000 in tools. And yet i can't find work.....

I have X amount in savings but only time will tell when thats gone.

So my question is, Who on this forum is in the National Guard and Do you like it? Is it worth it? Will i end up getting deployed? Will i love it or hate it?

Or should i think twice about joining??????????????????

Nik00117 03-10-2011 02:41 AM

A few things

1. The chances of you actually killing anyone in the Military is remotely small...Just don't go infantry, or scout, or MP, or some combat related MOS.

I work for over a yr at a national gaurd base, and everysingle one of those individuals said they'd of rather either never joined, or went active duty.

Here's why

Your not in the military long enough to gain rank/go up in pay grade. A bunch of the time your on drill pay which doesn't pay for crap, and because your always away from the civilian world so getting promoted in your civilian job is hard, finding one is even harder. Plus your going go through the same Basic and AIT training as any individual.

Don't half ass it and either go active duty or don't go at all.

O yea and your fears of like killing people...Well go become a mechanic or something and you'll spend the majority of your time on the base fixing stuff. Or go IT or something.

O yea and your commitment is the same, your giving up 4 yrs of your life either way. Only difference is with national guard they don't pay you for your time.

I'd encourage you to give the military a shot, I Know an individual who sounds very similar to you. He is against the war etc blah blah hardly the most patriotic individual I've ever met he made SGT in 3 yrs has decided to reup currently at his 4th yr and looking forward to making SSG.

O yea and if you join there's a 100% chance you'll be deployed within 4 yrs. So if your not willing to accept that, do us a favor...don't join.

Only real way to avoid getting deployed is going straight to Korea or Japan after AIT...But even then you can only hide out there for 2 yrs then your going be sent back to the states giving 6 months dwell time and deployed.

strung 03-10-2011 04:22 PM

i was in the utah army natl.guard and i was mostly board with it...all we seemed to do was pmcs and inventory all the time..and that was miserable considering i had to look at 6 self propelled paladin howitzers right in front of me just sittn there...i can only account a few times where i actually had a good time...but was still worth it tho...i wouldnt take it back.

MR.BLUESTANG 03-11-2011 01:06 AM

Well thankyou for your honest responses. I know the recruiter's will make it sound like the best thing in the world but in all reality they probably hate pushin pencils and sitting at the mall trying to talk to teens. I'll Keep my options open and see where life takes me. Japan doesn't sound too bad. Cute women, Funky food, And killer cars!

Thanks again!

WiscoGTI 03-11-2011 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by MR.BLUESTANG (Post 3587359)
Have you been suckered into anything that they never mentioned.

Everyone gets suckered into things that weren't mentioned.

I'm in the Reserves, and in all honesty, GO AIR FORCE!!

I wish I had.. [?|]

Sure, at first everyone wants to be that badass that goes out kicking ass and taking names..without realizing all the BS that goes along with it. And that feeling soon wears off once you come back to reality and realize you hate your military life.

I've never talked to one person who was in the USAF who didn't like it and/or wish they had stayed for the full 20.
99% of the soldiers (Army) I have met hate it and hated their experiences.

Everyone clowns on the USAF because they have it so nice. Yeah? What's wrong with that? Lol. They get treated well, get good food, good housing, better duty stations, and the big thing (for me)..6 MONTH DEPLOYMENTS. Forget that 15 months bullcrap...there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. And don't let some idiotic recruiter or some brainwashed Infantryman tell you otherwise.

Btw, I'm MP..and it's nothing but glorified Infantry, especially since the government is handing all L&O MP duties over to the DoD Police anyway..Combat MP is about all there is left. And it's again, glorified Infantry.

Just my $0.02

CJohn364 03-11-2011 08:03 AM

Moved to Military Fanatics.

Okay, here's my two cents, I'm currently active duty, but have been so for 12 years as a Cavalry Scout. Some other things to keep in mind:

1) The National Guard is primarily funded by whatever state you are stationed in rather than the Federal Government.

2) Regardless of Active, Reserve or Nat Guard, you WILL get deployed sooner or later so don't think that you won't.

3) You will go through Basic Training and AIT. BT is usually 9 weeks, while the length of AIT will depend on what job you're going into.

4) If you stay away from Combat Arms, your chances of having to kill another person are REDUCED. Remember, you will be a Soldier first and foremost and will have to maintain qualifications on your MOS skills and primary weapon. Even Non-Combat Arms Soldiers get ambushed in convoys.

5) Overall, I agree with not half assing it. I recommend going active for minimum tour, 3 years, I think it is; stay away from Combat Arms and earn some college money and even take college courses while you're in. If you don't like the Active side, then you can opt to get out or go Reserve or Nat Guard then, but that Military background will help you with a civilian job. The Army will help you find a job at the end of your tour, if you choose to get out, through the Army Career Alumni Program, ACAP. You'll learn how to write a resume and learn worthy job searching and interviewing skills.

There's a lot of benefits with being in the Army, however, as with any job, there's BS to put up with, so don't let that stuff get you down. Hope this helps. Good luck.

edingeek 03-11-2011 08:36 AM

Go navy if you want a chill job and solid promotion speed (I got out in 6 as I was getting ready to put on e6).

When deployed you are most likely on a ship and not in the desert.

Civilian jobs like to hire ex-navy because of the very good tech schools.

MR.BLUESTANG 03-11-2011 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by edingeek (Post 3589127)
Go navy if you want a chill job and solid promotion speed (I got out in 6 as I was getting ready to put on e6).

When deployed you are most likely on a ship and not in the desert.

Civilian jobs like to hire ex-navy because of the very good tech schools.

Navy would be nice, but i can't swim :( LOL.

edingeek 03-11-2011 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by MR.BLUESTANG (Post 3589257)
Navy would be nice, but i can't swim :( LOL.

Lol, half the people in the Navy can't swim... You would be on a massive ship... In my 6 years I swam a tiny bit in bootcamp and then never again, lol.

hellokittycrunkk 03-11-2011 11:44 AM

I have never heard one Air Force member, active duty/reserves/national guard, complain about anything. My boyfriend flies around in a plane and is in the national guard. Now he normally flies for 10+ hours at a time and I'm sure that gets boring but he has the chance to go to so many places. He's been to Germany, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico to name a few. And with the National Guard, his maximum deployment is 3 months...But maybe it's just the unit he's in. He's been in seven years and is a Staff Sergeant. Oh, and when he was in Afghanistan, it was steak and lobster on Friday's. And most of the time when he deploys, he gets his own room. I can honestly say I have never heard anyone complain about their experience in his unit. But, you basically have to be in tip top shape to be an airmen. Not sure if that would be an issue.

(I know nothing about the military outside of National Guard.)

Active Duty has it's perks like giving you a house when you get married but National Guard pays you a basic housing allowance when you're on active duty. I'm sure finding a job outside of the military is difficult but in my boyfriend's situation, he's going to end up working full time on a military installation anyway.

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