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02Zetechse 09-07-2010 06:12 PM

Im thinking of joining the Army Reserve..
Hey Guys/Gals ,

Im seriously debating joining the Reserves because I am so discontent with the way my life is. I feel like I need to make something more of myself . I feel like joining would make me feel like I have a purpose and that I am a true Citizen . My only setback is that it is a Huge decision for me to make .

gonefhsn 09-08-2010 08:57 AM

Well if you are thinking about it the first step is do research on what kind of job you would like to do. Then go talk to a recruiter and find out if there is a unit in your are that has the said job (MOS). But if you are looking at the Reserves as a source of income then go active Army, remember the Reserves are a minimum of 1 weekend a Month and 2 weeks a year. You still need a civilian job to support your self on.

strung 09-08-2010 02:42 PM

the army reserves is cool, but dont leave out the national guard either.

6SPD_soul 09-08-2010 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by strung (Post 3401468)
the army reserves is cool, but dont leave out the national guard either.

I've never even entirely understood why there is both the Reserves and the Guard, since they seem to mostly serve the same function. As to whether or not to join, get educated about MOSs like Gonefhshn said and find out what looks like a good fit. If your MOS is something mechanical but you get hitched up with the wrong kind of unit, you will never learn your MOS properly because it's not a priority for the unit as a whole, even if they have a slot for you. That's no fun. And double check whatever a recruiter tells you.

Another thing is that if you aren't 100% psyched about being in the military, it will not feel worth the commitment. Plus there is such a huge amount of people trying to enlist, they can afford to and will be very discriminatory about who they let in and who they keep. There was a time when you could fail PT tests one after another and have no serious consequences. Now, you fail two in a row, and you're out. That's in the regulations, but it's just now being strictly enforced even though it probably should have been all along.

I never served active duty except for 2 deployments to Iraq and a BS border patrol mission in AZ, and in retrospect I mostly wish I had just gone active Army from the get go. It's a major part of your life no matter what, and just easier when you completely immerse yourself in it as opposed to just putting a uniform on a few days a month.

And if you decide to do it, enlist for the 2 year minimum. That way you can make up your mind later whether to stick with it or not. If you enlist for longer to get a better signing bonus and later get cut loose for some reason, you are going to owe the government a shitload of money. It's a big decision, but get informed and think about it.

CJohn364 09-08-2010 05:49 PM

The main difference between the Army Reserves and National Guard is that the NG is funded by whatever your state of residence is and AR is federally funded. 6SPD has a point about going Army full time vs. part time. Gonefhsn is also right with still needing a civillian job to keep going. Just make sure to do your homework on whatever MOS you may be interested in, but know this...whatever MOS you choose, you WILL get deployed sooner or later. And if you've heard about this Try One program for the National Guard, don't believe it. Try One is a theoretical program where people can try it for a year to see if they like it. Well, be mindful of terms like "Stop Loss" and "Involuntary Extension". I found this article about it:

Get as much information you can BEFORE you sign ANYTHING. Trust me when I say Recruiters WILL tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign. When they do, Uncle Sam could keep you longer than you like. Just be prepared for a commitment if you do sign up. Good luck.

blackoutSVT 09-09-2010 03:52 AM

the army life is a great life you get to do some cool crap. but like 6SPD said they can replace you, i can say first hand this is true. i broke my hand in training and they kicked me out. they told me i was damaged and was no good to them like that and that recruting was at 180% at the time and could fill my spot. i was at the top of my class in training and had the highest score in BRM and they let me go. i can rejoin after 6 months with a doctor note but idk if im going to now. so take care of your self first off if you go. start going out running for 3 miles every day. you wont run that long or much in BCT or when u get to a unit but it is still a good pratice. and go active above going to the reserves. nothing wrong with the reserves but you'll make more money going active get better benafits, and you can choose dam near any job you want depending on your ASVAB score. i got to do some cool stuff the short time in was in and it was a great life experance. oh and also when/if you go talk to a recruter come back and tell us when they said and we can kinda help you out understand some stuff that might be confuseing you and clear up any misleading info they will tell you. GL bro HOOAH!

strung 09-09-2010 02:25 PM

cjohn said it right, when i enlisted in the utah army guard we were taken into a seperate room to be sworn in..the regular military guys swore in to the president as their commander in chief, the national guard guys swore in to the governor of utah.

02Zetechse 09-12-2010 10:42 PM

The MOS I was wanting was for chemical warfare if i went active instead of reserves for the army.

goinloco1 09-17-2010 01:47 PM

You may want to rethink chem (depending on which part you choose). being in a full body decon suit for hours on end can take their toll. I've done training as mass casualty (victim) and seen first hand what they go through. It takes a certain type of person. if your even somewhat claustrophobic or cant take heat you may want to reconsider.
I did 10 yrs active and 12 reserve before retiring. theres alot of options if your asvab is up there. I've seen several people going reserve or guard be offered good jobs by active due to this and a few even took it.
best to just sit with a reserve recruiter and find out what types of units are around you, this is what will dictate mos's you can choose from.
Then sit with an active recruiter and see whats available, you may be surprised.
either way you go, make sure you take it upon yourself to get some college under your belt, and any other education, you'll need it once you start going for higher ranks. The army is becoming more geared toward educated people or those willing to learn.
joe blow that doesn't give a crap doesn't go far or last long anymore. always someone better that can fill his shoes.

Fucus-minded 09-24-2010 11:25 PM

NOOOO! Dont listen to the folks that tell you to go active right off the bat. Listen up, I have over 16yrs of service. Go Guard or reserves (guard actually offers more programs for adsw (active duty for special work) or sad (State active duty) if you find your self unemployed in the civilian side. It is complete BS that you do not swear to the federal gov't and only the sate gov, lol, never heard anything so ridiculous. The truth is you swear to both. If you join Guard/Reserves and and you absolutely hate the military then you are only "stuck" for a min of one weekend a mth and 2 wks a yr. If you absolutely love it then you can always turn around and transfer to active w/ no adverse effect. If you join Reg Army and you love it then great! If you hate it, you are screwed my friend, try to tell your commanding officer that you just dont think it is right for will be laughed at and told to suck it up and drive on cause you are most definitely stuck. Joining the military was the best decision my parents have ever made for me, I didnt want to go, i was a PITA punk kid from Brooklyn, been in trouble a couple of times, dropped out of school, I was a mess. After joining... I am now married, 2 kids , 4 dogs, 2 cars, 2 fam house, living the American dream. Use what the military gives you and it will pay for itself ten fold, IMHO everyone should have to serve a min. of a year to give a better appreciation to what it takes/took to actually make/keep this country great. Just do it if you are even thinking about it, best decision you will ever makes hands down!

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