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canis187 08-15-2007 01:08 PM

August 24th or 25th...
The date is still a bit unsure right now as a friends family will be out at that time and they are the reason we are going. It is looking like it will be Saturday (the 25th) morning we are going to head over to Capitol Raceway. I just picked up a Volvo S60R and wanted to go see what it will do with a complete scrub behind the wheel (me [80?] ). No, I won't be out there in the Focus, but myself in the Volvo, a friend in a GLI, another friend in a highly modded (around 600HP at the wheels) EVO, and possibly a few others from the DCEVOClub will be out there.

This isn’t a meet or GTG or anything that organized. I just wanted to say that if anyone is in the area and sees the Black S60R out there come over and say hello, I don’t bite unless teased with food.

Hopefully in the near future I can get the Focus out there just to see if I can get it through the trap in under 18 seconds, but that’s probably just wishful thinking (both the time and getting a chance to get it out there).

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