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S2 10-17-2005 09:58 AM

'Star Rating' and 'Member Title' System
This question comes up from time to time, usually a few at a time actually so I figured I'd get a list of the star rating and member title system this message board uses.

Basically the break down is below, and note that after 1500 posts, you are allowed to create your own 'custom title' under your username. As well the first 5 stars have a 'bronze' tint to them but the 6th star and up have 'gold' tint to them.


1 Star - (Minimum Posts: 20) - 'Focus Rookie' Member's Title

2 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 50) - 'Focus Jr. Enthusiast' Member's Title

3 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 100) - 'Focus Enthusiast' Member's Title

4 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 550) - 'Focus Addict' Member's Title

5 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 1500) - Custom/User defined Member's Title

6 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 4500) - Custom/User defined Member's Title

7 Stars - (Minimum Posts: 9500) - Custom/User defined Member's Title


As well, please refer to the thread below with regards to the post count number and where you posts DO count towards that number and where your posts DO NOT count towards that number.

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