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S2 12-07-2006 01:35 PM

Reputation System: Explained.....
With the new forum software, comes various 'extras' for our members, one of the newest for us here, and most 'questioned' is the reputation system.

The reputation system allows members to 'rate' either positively or negatively, another members post. To do this, to the right of each post, is the members information, avatar, name, what they drive, location, etc. Just below that is a 'scale' looking picture, second from the left. When you click this beside a post you think is 'good' or 'bad', it allows you to rate the post and add a 'note' to that member.

Keep in mind that the member you are rating CAN see who is leaving the feedback, so they will be able to see who rated them (by your username) as well as whatever you left them for a note along with a colored box.

The colored boxes are as follows.....

Dark Green = Positive Rating

Light Green = High Positive Rating. You get the light green boxes once you've passed a certain number of positive ratings.

Grey = Positive Rating but from a Member with under 100 posts so technically this rating doesn't add to your overal 'reputation total' but is still visible to you.

Red = Negative Rating


Along with this 'color system', the reputation you recieve also adds up to a 'number'. This number is displayed next to the 'green' boxes underneath your avatar. This number is your 'altering power' number. I will get more information on that shortly. If you click on your USER CP button, at the bottom of that area, you can see a summary of who's rep'd ya recently and in the title bar, it'll give you another number, which is your total number of all your reps, as well as the criteria below.


Here is some more information regarding the 'rep' system. (these change your total rating under the USER CP area) and don't reflect in your ALTERING POWER number, which is the one shown beside your 'green boxes'.

* Every 182 Days registered, you get 1 point.

* Every 1000 Posts, you get 1 point.

* Every 10 Points, user gain 1 point of altering power. Your 'altering' power number shows up underneath your avatar next to your green boxes, beside each of your posts. Your Altering power determines how many points you will add to someone when you Rep them.

* 100 Minimum post before you can add Reputation points to others that will count. Under 100 posts, your reputations will not count (ie: grey boxes, see above).

* You can give out 10 Reputation points each day.

* You will need to give out 5000 points before you can give them same user reputation points again.


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