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K Dog 07-09-2010 01:06 PM

*NEW PRODUCT - Massive MonoAlloy Distributor Clamp / Block Off SBC BBC*
Massive MonoAlloy Dizzy Hold Down

Distributor hold down devices that become loose with time have plagued the racer and street warrior for far too long. Massive took a different approach and researched the likely cause of these failures.
  • As most folks experiencing these issues are running aftermarket/modern aluminum intake manifolds, we followed suit by crafting not only our hold down brackets and block off plates from the same aluminum material, but also the hold down fastener – that’s right – a custom ALUMINUM BOLT! In having the identical expansion rates in the manifold, hold down AND bolt expansion and contraction rates are unified, thus eliminating the creep and eventual loosening found in steel hold downs and bolts/studs offered by others.
  • For superb security, we’ve ALSO added a Belleville spring – a unique washer type device the applies pressure to both mating surfaces of the fastener and hold down to avoid vibrational loosening. We’ve also got it serrated for the ultimate in claw like grip
  • Anodized signature Massive purple for long lasting good looks and to let folks know you use the best!
  • Made with quality in house right here in THE USA!!!
Bottom line – say goodbye to your dizzy creep woes forever!

Massive Dizzy Block Off
This is a Massive exclusive distributor block off system for those running a traditional intake manifold with an opening for a distributor, but have chosen to eliminate it in some fashion. This applies to those running a front mount, Optispark or individual coil on plug conversion. We've included both our Monoalloy hold down system AND a custom made block off plate, complete with O Ring groove/O Ring for a perfect seal. Great for TPI and dry sump motors who don't utilize the distributor as an oil pump drive shaft.

For 1955+ Chevrolet Small Block, Big Block, 90 Degree V6

MAEN'4849 - $39.71

MAEN'4848 - $24.97

Introductory Special !!! Take 10% off til August 7th!

Use coupon code: 2010MSSNEW

Find em Here

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