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K26 08-24-2008 07:44 PM

I Cant Take It Anymore With You Guys!
I just wont a return label....
if you dont remember.

Goat Roper 08-24-2008 10:52 PM

Dude, chill, shit happens and things get resolved, but coming on here ranting sure as shit isn't the answer to your issues. Sound like a grown up and handle it like a grown up not a 5 year old who wants his toy gun back because dammit mom said that I could have it back 2 hours ago and I still don't have it. A rant like yours is typically posted to hide something you have done to help f up the transaction even more in an attempt to not look like such a choad.

I know these guys well and there is a perfectly good reason I am sure as to how stuff like this could happen, they just don't go and blow people off.

CrazyMatt 08-24-2008 10:54 PM

I have to agree with Goat here.

In all my dealings with Massive, and that includes going to a couple of their G2G's, they have been nothing but cordial, kind, and very easy to work with.

Did you try just giving them a call and CALMLY explaining your issue?

Goat's right.. ranting on here really never solves anything.

Chupathingy009 08-24-2008 11:22 PM

Yea seriously, every time I've had a problem Karl has gone above and beyond to get it taken care of. Just chill out and be reasonable about it
And by the way, just because something gets damaged in shipping doesn't mean it was Massive's fault..

BOOSTA 08-24-2008 11:27 PM

Pay them a visit if they are somewhat close, that always solves issues, well for me anyways.

SkyPilot 08-24-2008 11:43 PM

yeah man this is the wrong way to go about things, yelling, ranting, and that kind of thing will get you nowhere, its amazing the things people will do for you when you are nice and respectful to them. grow up man

faster_than_u 08-24-2008 11:52 PM

me as well as a few others in canada have had serious problems with them as well. we will never recomend them to anyone

runfocusrun 08-24-2008 11:58 PM

So you have a little issue. Picture this, I live in Montreal Canada (Yep that country north of the USA, just to specify), Half my stuff I ordered wasn't there. Did I rant and behave like a kid. NOPE. Pick up the phone, talk to them in an adult way, be nice and be patient. They went ALL the way, got VERY good service and all the parts I needed. Hence, things happen even if they can't help it. It pays off more to act like a professionnal than to rant around IMO. If you read ALL the threads since they put this suspension on sale (which I doubt solely judgeing on your behaviour) you should have known that since the beginning it was Saleen that screwed up the kits in the first place( talking abt the missing parts) Now looking at that pic, was it Massive that did the delivering??? Just asking....if you know how parcels are handled by delivery cies. you are lucky that this is nothing compared to what I've seen. Enough of this now...

Goat Roper 08-25-2008 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by faster_than_u (Post 2307076)
me as well as a few others in canada have had serious problems with them as well. we will never recomend them to anyone

With all the hassles in shipping stuff to Canada I don't know why people would even do it. More freakin charges and paperwork, it is a freakin miracle if anything crosses the border. I shipped a set of wheels and tires up there to a great guy on a great transaction and I ate some of the shipping costs but now FedEx sent me a customs bill for $87.

So sometimes it is acceptable to beat the messenger instead of the sender.

kenzx3 08-25-2008 12:57 AM

Calm down man, the best way to get in contact with is not via a thread like this that flames them. Call Steve or Karl at Massive. If it's the Saleen Kit it could be Saleen's fault. I went through the same thing and Karl took care of it as it was a problem with Saleen shipping the kit 3 weeks later than scheduled. Best way to get in contact with them is via phone, not a thread that flames them. Trust me I'm sure they will take care of you as they did me. [thumb]

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