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Strider 07-01-2007 09:59 PM

West Michigan Autocross Video

This is a link to a video from inside the car (added a blurry exterior vid) at last weekend's Grand Rapids autocross race. I finished 4th, behind a Subaru Impreza and two Volkswagen GTIs that had nice suspensions. I registered for the Street Prepared (tires) group because my car has an Apecs lowering kit on it. I would have had 3rd in the HS class which is probably where I should have run.

I had 4 runs with a passenger, never hit a cone or left the course. My times were 1:01.5??, 1:00.070, 1:01.???,1:01.???.

A good day considering my lack of real modification and who I ran against.

Let me know your thoughts. You can hear me talking to my sister via cell phone in some places. I did that to keep from running too hard on my first lap. I tend to get a little too pushy if I'm not slightly distracted.

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