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cking 06-08-2006 10:33 AM

Cabin Filter, leaves in fan 04/05 models
I got leaves and junk in my fan and sounded like a bicycle with a flapper on a wheel.

So Decided maybe a cabin filter was good idea.

The 04 has no screw in center part of the cowling.

All the clips need to be released. An easy way to release the clips without breaking them. Is to use a piece of plastic. I used the thing they give you to put on your key chain for supermarkets to get discounts. It is made like a credit card but only about one inch wide.

So cut an old credit card to fit inside the clips loop. Then work the card down until it slips past the locking tab, now just push up the cowl and tabs slip right by the lock.

To stop the water problem the drivers side cowl has a trough attached underneath to catch the water and drop it out the sides past the AC intake port.

After you have released all the tabs, driver and passenger side, slide the drivers side cowl as far to the drivers side as possible. Will hit the wiper shafts.

Now seperate the two cowls, bend the passenger side cowl a little in middle and it will clear the drivers side.

The front seal of cowl extends from drivers side over onto the passenger side about 4 inch's, pull up on it and it will slip off.

Now you have full access to AC cabin filter area. I didn't like the idea of a paper filter that will get mould and plug up and I have to open the cowl again to change it. Plus with the trough built in you can't just loosen the front and get it out.

So I just took the egg crate out and put some plastic window screen over and then slide it back in to keep the leaves out.

to get the leaves out you have to remove the fan. Open the glove compartment and squeeze the side in so the stops will slip past and let the door swing all the way down. You will see one screw in lower left that holds the passenger floor duct in place remove it. Then pull on duck and it will come out.

Three screws hold the fan in, remove them, and wiring harness plug and fan motors drops out. Oil the bearing while it out, remove the leaves and reinstall. Careful on the screws they are going into plastic try and get them started in the same cuts as originally installed.

PS don't worry about the windshield side seal on cowl. Just clean the windshield area and cown and reinstall.

Hubris 07-06-2006 10:26 AM

It's been posted that 05 models have a welded metal cover over the entire area, and you can't access it at all.

So you're saying for the 04 model, you can't just pop open the clips at the front and slide the filter in like with older models....that you need to actually remove the cowl?

Putting in a filter doesn't seem like a big thing to interior is constantly dusty and I'd be willing to do it...but I want to figure out what's needed before I begin.

SkaAddict 07-07-2006 12:28 AM

Its pretty simple...all you really need is the filter, although it wouldn't hurt to have a tube of good silicone sealer on hand, as the plastic/rubber rain gutter above the filter tends to peel off of the glass and needs to be re-sealed. Its well worth the money and effort...I clean my dashboard maybe once every six months or so.

HempHound 07-07-2006 09:46 AM

I certainly like haveing my cabin filter, it certainly has made a big differance on the amount of dust in my car and I am not sneezing all the time...

Black&Tan 07-07-2006 10:34 AM

I did this.

Although now I don't know why ;)

I always have the windows down in my car when it's nice out. I only ever use the A/C if it's like HOT and HUMID and I'm in traffic and can't move.

That... and I've got a yellow lab. Frikkin' dog hair all over my car. Somehow it gets in the front where he's not allowed.


Anyways, enough about me. Sorry to go off on a tangent. This was an easy install on my '03.

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