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JohnMichael 10-21-2005 02:42 PM

How-To Replace Valve Cover Gasket and VCT Solenoid
Well, my SVTf sprung a leak...about a spoonful of oil a week. Now, it's not that bad of a leak, but it needed to be fixed none-the-less. A quick call to Ford told me that it would be over $200 to replace because I just went out of warranty a few months ago... [:(]

After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that I could do this myself. And so I did...

Materials Needed: Socket Wrench, extender, Drive adapter bit, 8mm/10mm sockets, 5/16 Wrench and 3/8 Wrench.

Time Needed: ...meh...about an hour.

-Start by ordering your parts...if you order directly from Ford, it'll cost you $88.28, however, if you find a few of the folks on this website who work for Ford, you can get them for $48.40... [:D] The Part#'s for the Solenoid and Gasket are 2M5Z6L713 AA and 2M5Z6584 AB, respectively...

Once you get them in, you're ready to begin. Remove the negative terminal off the battery, and make sure you secure it so it won't go flopping back onto the terminal!

-Remove Plug Wire cover and Coil Cover...remove spark plugs from valve cover (you can keep them on the coil pack) I put the ends of my plug wires in a plastic bag to keep debris from sticking to the Boot Protector Gel...

Don't forget about the Cam Breather Hose! [;)]

-Remove the small bracket on the back of your VCT Solnoid Tower, and pop off the wire connector... for Pete's sake, don't loose that freaking wire clip!!!

If you are going to attempt to remove the CamGear Cover, good luck! You actually don't need to take it all the way off, just shove it out of the way to remove the valve cover. To remove CamCover you must first Remove Coolant Reservoir by taking out front screw with 10mm socket, and separate from bracket in back of the tank...

-Now, if you can remove the valve cover w/o taking off the CamGear Cover, I highly advise you to do so...because that SonB is on there! [;)] This was the toughest part of the whole thing...I also encourage you to make a notch in the base of the CamGear Cover to aid in ease of installation...
Sure is dirty under there... [;)]

-Now you're ready to remove the Valve Cover...unscrew all 10 valve screws with 8mm socket. 'Jiggle' the cover around until the seal breaks loose... carefully remove valve cover, taking care not to knock the VCT Solenoid in the process. Remove old gasket and discard...set Valve Cover on clean towel.

You can clean area of new gasket of debris/dirt, taking care not to knock any gunk into oil...

Clean area on Valve Cover for new Gasket...take new Gasket and begin to work into the groove going around the cover. When finished, lube a little with oil. BE SURE EVERYTHING IS FLUSH IN GROOVE!

-Now for the VCT Solenoid. There is one 8mm screw holding it in, remove it. The Solenoid is not screwed in, you just have to work it out of it's housing, yanking is probably required... [;)] Set old VCT aside and grab the new one. Dab oil onto gasket and jam back into housing. Screw back in. Cake walk! [:D]

-Ready to reinstall the Valve Cover? You better be, you can't go anywhere without it! [:)] Place Valve Cover back onto engine, seating the seal. Place all 10 screws back into cover, and give each a few turns just to being threading. Start in center and, working your way around, begin tightening all screws in succession.

DO NOT TIGHTEN ALL THE WAY! You want to balance the compression on the gasket all the way around the cover. So, tighten each screw a little bit at a time, until all screws are tight. Begin tightening the whole way. 5-7 ft.-lbs. is required, but you probably won't find any torque wrench with that low of a hand-tight is about right!

Check all around for good seal, and pretty much reverse everything to finish...

Be sure to drive around and test the seal before doing any distance driving. You don't want to get all the way to Wal-Mart only to find that you've sprung a leak! [:D]

Ok guys, enjoy...because you just saved yourself a couple hundred bucks! And you had a good time working on the 'ole car!

blck01zx3 10-21-2005 03:03 PM

Man, you are about 3 weeks too late. I just did this when my cam cover was leaking, minus the VCT solenoid. I didn't remove the reservoir or take the cam gear cover off, just worked around them. Also a good way to ensure an even "compression" on the gasket is to tighten them in a kind of criss cross pattern, like one corner to the other type of thing. Also, did you replace the little grommets on the bolts for the cam cover? That is a good right up, and that sucks that your warranty ran out.

JohnMichael 10-21-2005 04:11 PM

Yeah, I guess I went a little overboard on some of the steps, but oh well...better safe than sorry. I thought about replacing those little grommets as well, but all of mine looked brand new when I was checking them out, so I just reused them... [;)]

Thanks for the comments! [:D]

b16sir1991 10-21-2005 04:27 PM

One note: the wire clip doesnt need to be removed, you can simply squeeze the clip and it will release instead of taking it off of the vct sol. connector.

JohnMichael 10-21-2005 07:39 PM

^^^Ah, thank you kind sir...I figured it needed to be removed since it was there! [;)] Thanks a ton for the parts, Mike!! [:D]

WD40 10-21-2005 07:52 PM

Dude. Sweet! [thumb]
This is definitely "sticky" material.[;)]

Thanks for doing the write up!

JohnMichael 10-22-2005 12:59 AM

Thanks, Doug! I have been driving it around all day long, and so far (crosses fingers AND knocks on wood) nothing is leaking... [:D]

JohnMichael 10-22-2005 11:37 AM

Sticky anyone? [:D] It really is very easy and you save a good chunk of change in the process... of course, if you're still under warranty, I'd go that route... [;)]

S2 10-22-2005 12:58 PM

Added to the HOW TO ARCHIVE!

JohnMichael 10-22-2005 02:26 PM

[:D] [thumb] Thanks, dude! I knew there were good cops in the world! [;)] ...well almost a cop anyways...

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