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Ralliart16 07-23-2005 12:15 AM

Seat Release Lever

The other night I drove home some 'intoxicated' friends and they were nice enough to break off the passenger side release handle.. pictures:

You can see the grey plastic part is where it broke off from the seat. The screw is still in the handle and attached to the snapped grey part. Obviously the part in the seat that the handle screws into needs to be replaced.

I looked on a ford parts site and found this:

Is number "11" what i will have to replace? is it very difficult to do? If anyone has had this problem before any info would be much appreciated!

mooselll 07-23-2005 08:05 PM

Don't blame your friends. It is another defect that ford will not fix. Metal should not break like that. Mine has been broken for about a year now. The springs in my driver's seat are also broken. Ford replaced it once but refuses to replace the seat again.

BlackNRed01 07-24-2005 11:35 AM

theyre liike 5 bucks from the dealership

Ralliart16 07-24-2005 06:57 PM


Originally posted by 98gsxltd
theyre liike 5 bucks from the dealership
First of all, I'm not looking to replace the handle as the handle itself isn't what is broke. Its the part the handle screws onto which is inside the seat. Second, the hande is more like $25 from the dealer.

Anyone else have any info regarding this problem?

mooselll 07-26-2005 08:45 PM

Me again. When I went to the dealership to see about mine, they told me the whole mechanism in the seat has to be replaced and it is not under any warranty. For a screw to split like that, it has to be a fault in the metal. I and looking for someone that wants to sell their stock seats or some aftermarket seats. My driver's seat has a broken spring that sticks you in the ***. The dealership refuses to replace that one also. Sorry for the bad news. If you find another way, let me know. (By the way, mine split right down the middle also.)

Paul P 12-24-2012 10:51 AM

Sorry to bring back a really old post but I just had this break on my drivers seat. 2 split pieces of the shaft in the handle with the screw and no way to access the back seat from the drivers side. PITA. Does anyone know if the whole seat needs to be replaced or just the mechanism?

Paul P 12-31-2012 08:23 AM

I found the recliner can be replaced. 5S4Z-6161185-AA is the left side. Kind of pricey. Probably will go salvage yard for this part.

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