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W~Phoenix~{RC} 03-14-2005 05:21 PM

Fans Mod -- How To
Here is a How-To on the Fans Mod. Since I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the net, I’ve decided to do it myself and show everyone else how to do it as well. What this modification does is it enables your two cooling fans to run whenever your car is turned on, or when it is in the “On” position.

This is a fairly inexpensive mod and it took me less than ten minutes to do and take the pictures. For this mod, you don't necessarily have to disconnect the battery for this mod. You can choose to or don't, I didn't even think about disconnecting the battery until just now, but when I started the car nothing seemed to be amiss.

What you’ll need: ~10” of Gauge 10 Copper Wire, Male Terminal Disconnects (10-12 Gauge), Wire Stripper, Crimper, and Needle-Nose Pliers (pliers not shown in picture).

(There should be a map of the Fuse/Relay Locations on the underside of the Fusebox Cover.)
1) You want to open the fuse box located under the hood by the cowl on the driver side and pull on Relay "RL-15". This relay should be Gray.

2) Remove Fuse "F1" with the Needle-Nose Pliers. You may want to wrap the pliers with electrical tape in case you don’t want to scratch up the fuse. This should have the number "40" on it.

W~Phoenix~{RC} 03-14-2005 05:22 PM

3) Take your ~10” Gauge 10 Copper Wire and strip off about a ¼” from each end and crimp on the Male Terminal Disconnects.

4) This is how the wire should look when you are done crimping.

5) Cut the plastic sleeve off of one of the Male Terminal Disconnects on one side and crimp it a couple more times so that it will be as flat as it can be. You need to do this because it’ll be easier for the wire to fit in with Fuse F1.

W~Phoenix~{RC} 03-14-2005 05:23 PM

6) Put the end that you just “flattened” in the right side of Fuse F1 halfway and then insert Fuse F1 in with the wire so that they both occupy the same space. Be patient with this step because it may take some maneuvering to get it to work.

7) Insert the remaining end of the wire into the right vertical hole.

8) Finished Look

(If you've disconnected your battery, reconnect it when you want to and proceed with Step 9.)
9) Go put your car into the “On” position. If the fans come on, then you’ve successfully done the Fans Mod. If nothing happens, then you should check the end of the wire that is in with Fuse F1, and make sure that the end of the wire in Relay RL-15 is snug.



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