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shpaco86 10-29-2013 04:43 PM

Replaced starter motor, Nothing happens
Hello, I just replaced the starter motor on my 02 focus SVT. the old starter would just spin without the armature engaging, and wouldn't stop until the battery was disconnected. I've been push starting it (the most annoying thing ever). I replaced the starter with a used on i got off ebay. I checked it at autozone, and it was a good known starter prior to install. I have no engagement, no clicking, i don't even think that the relay is operative. It's frustrating as all get out. I've replaced numerous starters and a variety of cars and i've never had this problem. Also the battery connection is tight, and from a visual inspection of the cable, appears to be corrosion free. I can still pop the clutch and she starts up. Any ideas or suggestions?! Please help!

waraya 10-29-2013 10:54 PM

you sure the little cable is seated in the connector correctly???

cheap sleeper 10-30-2013 12:44 PM

if your'e getting absolutely nothing, I would suspect a connection isn't re-hooked. Ground side maybe? Dumb I know, but I've had stoner moments like that. Also, is your power wire from the batt to it burned/ melted anywhere along the way? That was a common issue.

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