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bmartell517 09-05-2013 07:08 PM

the dreaded p1381
Hey guy so this is my svt vct story. First tiiming job was a major failure. Timed it wrong and bent all my valves. Ahhhh. So I decided to take the head to RPM performance shop and had it re built. Did an amazing job. I bought the timing tool kit from Central Florida Motorsports cheap ($22.00)[:)]( DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TIME WITH OUT KIT )So I got it all back together and timed it dead on.[:)](YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE EXHAUST CAM GEAR AND INTAKE PHASER LOOSE) IMPORTANTI set my cams with the cam plate and set my crank with with the pin (very important)Put my belt on and set my tensioner to what ford calls 4:00 position (also very inportant)Tightened it all down and started it up.[:)]I instantly got the dreaded p1381 code.[:)].[:)]So I bought a vct solinoid from toulsey ford parts for $244.00 and some changeDidnt clear it up. Ran like shit so I re timed it again and again.[:)]So it ended up being the intake phaser full if old oil sluge, not allowing it to retard and advance so I took the phaser apart, cleaned it out with parts cleaner and put it back together. Tightened it all back up and it runs like a top.[:)]Moral of the story is, take the extra time and make sure you clean and Inspect everything. If you have never done this before DO YOUR REASERCH. I have 1500 in my head now because I thought I knew it all. Man was I wrong.[:)]Enjoy your svt

Gav-O-SVT 09-06-2013 12:30 PM

lol, sometimes you gotta screw up a couple times before you learn and get it right... Im glad shes back to normal.

bmartell517 09-06-2013 06:19 PM

Thanks its been a long time coming

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