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ronnieraygun 07-09-2013 10:17 PM

2003 sedan no start
Hi all! I've got a no-start, something with the fuel or computer possibly.

2003 Ford Focus, SOHC SPI 2.0 liter, 185k, second engine, plain four door model automatic, more like a 2002 1/2 model partswise.

Check engine code comes on, was for ECT sensor. Replace ECT sensor, no effect. Car would sometimes have thermostat go down to Cold, radiator fan would come on, then everything would go back to normal after a few minutes, fan would turn off and temp gauge would be right back in the middle.

The replacement caused a new problem, check engine would come on, temp gauge would go all the way to Hot, fan would come on. Check engine code was same for ECT sensor.

During this whole process, over the course of several weeks, the car would start to idle roughly after 10-15 minutes of operation. Eventually, it would cut out. I would have to restart the car, there would be enough fuel for a few seconds then the car would shut off again. I could not keep the car running by stepping on the accelerator pedal, it would die regardless. I reset the check engine light by removing the negative cable for about 1 minute.

Brought the car in for a look by tow truck. Fuel pump checks out OK, everything seems to be OK according to mechanic, good spark, replacing plugs and wires had no effect. Mechanic says car not getting power to injectors.

Asked about replacing camshaft sensor, that's his first idea. Mentioned also replacing the computer. Mentioned some way to check out any other fuses he may have not thought about. Says that fuel pump is fine, tested and I myself can hear it turn on when turning the key in the ignition. I asked about changing wiring to ECT sensor. I tried old ECT sensor and it would still do the thing where the car would just cut out.

Any ideas? My guy mentioned he's running out of ideas and wondered about taking it to the dealership. I wish to avoid that scenario entirely for I would think obvious reasons.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. I gave it my all with my own abilities and my go-to mechanic for moments like these is running out of ideas. Thanks, all.

1turbofocus 07-10-2013 10:53 AM

First I would take it to a mechanic not a parts changer , the cam sensor doesnt even need to be connected for the car to start

How is he checking the injectors to say there not getting power ? will it run if you add fuel on a rag and hold it at the maf opening ?


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