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Andrews-bad-SE 05-12-2013 04:36 PM

Struggling with an EGR code? Look here.
I had a P0401 (EGR Insufficient Flow) code for a long, LONG time. I've appealed to the help of FF members for a year, and they've all had great ideas and really good input. Lots of great info here! [race]

This thread is first and foremost to thank everyone who helped me along the way. I'm sure you guys know who you are. Tom, iminhell, amc49, and others... all you guys. Thanks!

Here's what was the deal:
I replaced the tube, cleaned the intake side of it, replaced the valve, replaced the DPFE, and checked the vacuum lines....

Here's the kicker... I accidentally stumbled upon the culprit when I was detailing my engine bay. Apparently the vacuum feed for the EGR solenoid (Going from the intake itself to the EGR solenoid) looks tasty to mice. [?|]

So for anyone who's struggled with an EGR problem for a long time like I have, check there before spending lots of money and time chasing gremlins!
I feel dumb, because I'm usually good at this type of thing (and have found/fixed several issues just like this on everyone else's cars but mine in the meantime).

Like I said, everyone's help from my first post up till now is appreciated to no end!

Hopefully my learning experience can help someone else.

JFrye 05-18-2013 09:29 PM

Hey man, Im glad you found your issue. Thanks for letting everyone else know what it was.

amc49 05-18-2013 11:42 PM

First time I ever heard of mouse eating hose and wire I thought 'one in a million'...........until I got back into auto parts, where I found out it was actually somewhat common. They apparently like to seek out a warm engine to sit on top of when winter is on.

MEJY1988 05-19-2013 09:23 AM

Down South we have to deal with the squirrels. The difference between squirrels and mice/rats . . . . the squirrels had a better PR Firm.

blazindave 07-26-2013 03:38 PM

I have had an intermittent rough idle for a long time. Not a bad enough problem to be real worried about, but enough to be annoying. Every so often, primarily on cold starts, it would hunt for the idle, dropping revs down to almost stall and then just kind of bouncing around. Pretty easily fixed by just revving it up to about 2k rpm for a minute and it would "catch" and settle in to a nice smooth idle around 700rpm or so. This has been happening for quite a while, at least a year, probably 2 or more. I have replaced the IAC valve, the EGR, the DPFE, cleaned the MAF several times, and the spark plugs, and it never went away (I thought after I swapped the EGR it went away but it did eventually come back). Before that, I replaced the PCV and notorious PCV hose, and have changed spark plug wires, fuel filter, and probably plenty of other little routine things along the way.

I just took my car to a friend's shop to get the timing belt done (i am at 162k, been pushing that one...) Get the car back and it was idling like crap all the time now, jumping/bucking and threatening to stall out. Different than the intermittent, easy to "fix" bad idle described above. I figure it must be due to the timing belt change so I take it back to the shop. He determines that the EGR solenoid (also called EGR Control Solenoid) is stuck open, and replaced it. Now it idles nice and smooth. I'm really hoping that this also fixes my long-term intermittent idle problem too. I'm hoping that it has been sticking just a little bit, dying a looong sloooow death, and that my longterm issue is fixed. Seems weird because it shouldn't open until the car is warmed up - I'm thinking maybe from the previous drive, when the engine was hot and EGR was open, some debris got caught in the poppet seat (I assume it's a poppet style solenoid valve?) as the valve was closing when the engine was shut off, so it was allowing just a little vacuum through to open the EGR diaphragm valve a little bit and causing a bad idle... I don't know, maybe a longshot, but it makes sense to me?! I'll know soon enough if my longterm issue is solved.

Just figured I'd throw out my experience in case it helps anyone else...

joecicalese 07-26-2013 03:42 PM

I have this problem, too, does anybody know what the Ford part # is for the vacuum feed tube?

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