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calebstubstad 03-31-2013 10:58 PM

fixing broken tabs
been needing to fix the tabs on my headlights for awhile, and after a recent accident (minor fender bender), i was left with only 1 tab holding my driver side headlight in (the one under the headlight). so, I plan to fix both top ones, the way top one into the fender i have the exact piece that snapped, still screwed in, and then the middle one, I am gonna use my old headlights to make a tab. what way to bond the two pieces together do you think would work best? looked at plastic welding, jb weld, superglue and toilet paper layers, etc, all with mixed reviews. anyone done this?

amc49 04-01-2013 12:31 AM

I would not glue at all, that type plastic will seem to glue but the joint will have no strength and give pretty quickly.

I'd be looking at screws or pop rivets into plastic with a metal made tab of some sort. Improvise, I've done it and the resulting parts are still going after years of use, it's actually stronger than the original tab. I have a broken up Focus radiator shroud like that and still quite solid when pulling it out after 5 years, it was in a wreck and patched back together from like 5 separate pieces. Or if any tab length left, drill small hole in it and thread some mechanics wire in and around the head of a bolt in proper place. Done clean it doesn't look too obtrusive and again lasts forever. Got two Contour headlights like that for 13+ years now, no way was I paying $180 each for those headlight assemblies.

02fordsvt 04-01-2013 06:44 AM

Just as an FYI, one of my tabs is broken, one is stripped, and the other one behind the bumper I never use so my PS headlight isn't even hooked in securely right now. However, because of the ballast bellow and the hood above, the headlight cannot move at all when the hood is closed. Some people will probably take issue with how I have it, but it works for me and the headlight doesn't move so it's not blinding any other drivers on the road. You just have to watch your aiming.

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