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brady2005 03-17-2013 08:20 PM

couple questions
Hello, I have a 05 zx5 with the mtx, I had my clutch, PP, flywheel, slave and throw out bearing replaced because i had troubles getting into gear from a stop while the engine was on and cold. It went away once warm but somegears felt notchy when warm from a stop or even just driving. it runs good now but I noticed sometimes shifting in or out of 2nd it can feel a little notchy in the throw. Not all the time though and i slightly notice it in 1st and 3rd but botg 1st and 3rd is BARELY noticable. Is this just something to expect from the mtx? Ive done tons of reading and some people claim the mtx is notchy, but mine only seems notchy in 2nd. Its really not that bad, its just lumpy, no grinding or anything. What do u think? Rather than one click into gear it will click 2 or 3 times if that makes sense.

freemind 03-18-2013 04:20 AM

When was the last time that transmission fluid was checked and or changed?

05focusST91 03-18-2013 06:58 AM

Could be something with the shifter cables needing to be adjusted

brady2005 03-18-2013 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by 05focusST91 (Post 4641868)
Could be something with the shifter cables needing to be adjusted

Man I hope so.. im calling ford and asking if its the linkage that needs to be adjusted, when I originally brought it in they said they opened her up to look at tye syncros, so im assuming they changed the fluid and the syncros checked out ok. Being the mtx came out for clutch replacement im hoping its just the cables. Its not bad, its just a bit notchy thats all. But it botyers me after all they did to feel it be kinda notchy still. It was replaced because I couldbbarely get into gear when cold and was notchy when warmed up, now I can get it into gear when warm from cycling the gears for a second. Maybe they didnt open up the mtx and said they did? Befor I brought it in I opened up the drain plug on the transaxle and it seemed to have a red tinge to it but overall looked goldish. So maybe a fluid change and cable adjustment is needed? Il post back when I hear from them.

freemind 03-18-2013 01:13 PM

Gold is good.

brady2005 03-18-2013 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by freemind (Post 4642420)
Gold is good.

Well it did look gold, but I stuck a twisted up peice of white non fibrous shop towel in there and what came out was golish on the towel, but the drips coming off tye towel were maybe it is dirty atf? I checked my shift linkage and it seems it was adjusted properly.. the up amd down was as far in as it could go on the thread lock.. maybe its stretched?? Its not all the time, but its definatley noticable kinda in first, but more so 2nd and 3rd.. 4th and 5th are perfect.

freemind 03-18-2013 03:07 PM

Have you taken it back to the shop where it was done?

brady2005 03-18-2013 03:10 PM

Not since the clutch job. Trying to get ahold of them now.. they obviously didnt do the trans fluid because when I cracked the drain plug again, there was very fine metal particles in the fluid.. do you think I should just change it? Obviously with the ford honey? Also when I was under the car I noticed below the meter on the airbox there was an open vaccuum port?? Normal?? Should I cap it??

05focusST91 03-18-2013 03:26 PM

Change it first, but its probably a problem with the cables or the roll pin on the shift tower on the tranny is no good.

brady2005 03-18-2013 03:29 PM

It shifts fine with it off though.. so I doubt cables are an issue

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