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simon238 02-07-2013 12:19 PM

Ford Focus Mk2 Both Headlights Stopped Working
I stumbled across this forum whilst searching for the answer to this problem. In that case the guy seemed to get lucky and just had to replace both headlight bulbs.

I have replaced a bulb and checked the fuses and they are still not working.

I don't really know a lot about cars, but I am assuming the problem must lie either with the switch or the relay. Does anyone know which might be more likely? And also which is easier to replace/diagnose?

Thanks for any help

mikeeshaq 02-07-2013 03:14 PM

I have been chasing invisible electrons for 40 years [electronic technician]

You absolutely need a multimeter or at least a 12 volt test light

On the fuses that I have seen, there is a bare spot on each end

On end of voltmeter/test light on ground. Now place probe on each bare spots , one at a time, on the fuse. What do you see?

Still confused? Go to Youtube and there are multitude of videos of varying quality out there.
Type in search alternator, battery, multimeter this ought to get you going

BTW get the cheapest multimeter

focusonthefocus19 02-07-2013 08:44 PM

I've had this happen in my 2002 ZX3. There is a little black ground wire running up from a wire harness to the negative terminal on your battery. It's near your windshield washer fluid. Check if the little connector is corroded, and broken. Mine was really corroded, and it snapped off. As soon as I fixed it it worked just fine.

joser831 02-07-2013 11:19 PM

If both head lights went out you problably hace a short to ground. Check youtube out or the wiring diagram and youll be able to figure out where the ground is once found replace the wire :)

Milton 02-08-2013 02:16 AM

Not sure if it's the relay and you have minimal skills/knowledge? No problem. Drive to your local auto parts store. Use your owners manual to locate the relay. Turn on your headlights and ten rap the relay with the handle of a screwdriver. Did the lights come on even for a second? If they did then odds are it's the relay. If not it could still be the relay so pull the relay, purchase a replacement (< $10) and it. install it.

Problem solve? If so, Great! If not, you're out $10, Big deal

This is known as fixing a problem by throwing party's at it. It's a legit technique when the parts are cheap and limited tools/time prevents a proper diagnosis. So go ahead, throw a fuse at it, cost <$1,.

Then throw a relay at it. Still does not work, well you can try another fuse under the theory that the original relay was shorted causing both the original and replacement fuses to blow

After this your next step is a proper diagnosis. This means taking it to a pro or vac quoting the tools and skills required.

Hope this helpedi

whynotthinkwhynot 02-08-2013 05:10 AM

Automotive relays rarely go bad. I'd guess that the switch went bad first. Now, do your parking lights, or marker lights work when you turn the headlight switch on?

Have you checked the fuses? A fuse diagram and explanation of what each fuse does is located in your owner's manual. It's easier to look through there and find the related fuses, than it is to pull each fuse out.

You can also trace the wiring from the passenger side headlight down and around to the driver's side to see if there is any damage. You should also check the high beams to see if those come on at all.

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