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GarytheSnail 02-04-2013 03:19 PM

Leaky Hatch
I was deep cleaning my 2003 ZX3 after I bought it and noticed there was a lot of water in the spare wheel well.

I did the usual hose to hatch test and it was coming in from a decent amount of areas. Including behind my tail lights, around the gas cap door, and through tiny holes at the top of the hatch door. I sealed all of them but I still had a leak. I couldn't find it until I took out my headliner. It's coming from a group of sheet metal meetings. So I found where it's coming from, but I could not pin point where it was getting in from.

Here's where it's dripping

I've ruled out any leaks below the red line and I'm pretty sure it's not leaking from the sheet metal joints above the red line but...

I'm quite certain it's coming from the roof ditch. I worked my way up the ditch with water and I believe the leak is within the first 5 inches (from the back).

Any other ideas where it's coming from?

If not, how do I go about replacing or resealing the roof ditch without making it look ghetto?

Another view

Any help much appreciated!

GarytheSnail 02-06-2013 07:10 PM

What exactly is that piece called?

Roof ditch, Roof trim, rain rail, roof gutter?

smallblockfever 02-06-2013 08:58 PM

Not meaning to thread jack here, I'm just in the same boat but on the other side of the car.
I tried sealing my bolt points on the tail light as well as the plastic triangle at the back of the rear window (by the tail light) and that helped alot with the leak, but i'm still getting leaks.

Note for everyone: use new silicone, i used a tube i had lying around and it never dried... ever. Had to do it again.

Someone suggested to me that i find an experienced body shop and ask them where cars can have common leaks like with body panel gaps and such

GarytheSnail 02-07-2013 10:32 AM

I know someone sealed above their rear left window and that worked for them.

Start from low and work to the higher points. That way if it's leaking from a lower point, you'll know instead of pouring it on top and the water draining down tricks you into thinking its up top.

I've eliminated all of my leaks except for the one that is under that rubber trim along the sides of the roof. I just need to know how to take them off, or at least seal under it.

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