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scoobiemario 01-29-2013 09:41 AM

2001 SE suspension noise
When I drive above 60 MPH, I feel vibration, and hear rhythmic sound coming from rear driver side wheel.
I jacked the car up, and I can feel something is loose.
When I grab at 3 and 9 and move it side to side, i can hear same sound and feel same amount of movement as when I grab wheel at 12 and 6 and move up and down.
It sounds similar to loose balljoint pop.

What could it be? i need to fix it so it does not eat my tires....

Also, how do I tell which VIN I have? There are two options I can see: VIN 3 or VIN P

Car is 2001 SE with ZETEC, 153 k miles. Tires are all in good condition, one I'm concerned about wears out little more on the outside.

Thanks guys

don627 01-29-2013 09:59 AM

I don't think I would be driving at 60mph until it is repair that's one thing. I would get a buddy to help you by jacking up the car and using jack stands get under there while your buddy moves the tire the same way you did and see what's going on because, it could be any number of things, some of which could be very dangerous for you to drive it that way.

sjfishon 01-29-2013 11:09 AM

if you look real close, you will see, on each side of car, just under the back seat, there is a rubber bushing, its on a long swing arm, called the knuckle, these go bad all the time, and will cause a bunch of bad symptoms. as you look from under, you dont have to jack up, you will see at the end of the knuckle, towards the front of car, it should be in the middle of the bracket, if its hitting either side, there is the prob. the prob is replacing it, DON'T EVEN TRY;; just buy a new can buy a bushing kit. but you cant get the old one out, and polish good enough for the new one... unless you have a hoist and power tools this is not a job you want to do, i had mine done for 250$ stay away from a ford garage'' good luck

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