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erylflynn 01-18-2013 06:51 PM

P2195 2003 Focus LX 2.0 SPI
Hi, I am trying to determine if I can fix my wife's focus for her, just started throwing code P2195 but has had a rough idle for a while, and started stalling at stop lights today. I have been reading around and seeing alot of possibilities but would like some help from those with more knowledge to figure this out. I hooked up my scan tool and pulled some information with my phone.

This shot is with the RPM about 2300

And here at idle a little after.

Some things that stand out for me is the minor variation on the O2 sensor. Fuel pressure doesn't seem to change much and the trim stays about the same also most of the time with very tiny variations. We are about sea level here in Virginia Beach if that matters.

I could replace the O2, but I am concerned that it might not help. If I do I will avoid Bosch, seems alot find problems with them.

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