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gambitraven 01-18-2013 07:22 AM

So I bought a 2003 zts and help
I got a black four door sedan standard transmission
everything is working wonderful up until now
1st issue the car will rev up 1000 rpms for bit then go back down to normal idle
like sometimes when I am slowing at 2000rpms it will jump to 3000krpm or sometimes ill be at 3000k rpm and will jump to 4000k rpm

2nd issue not sure if this is alternator problem but I was picking up some car stuff at auto zone and it acted like the battery died checked the records and saw the battery is 5 years old so I replaced it figured it was time. Checked the alternator they said the charge was a little high but not high enough to cause great concern.
So tonight as I was getting off work I notices all my lights in my dash were dim car was getting power loss and as I was driving major hick ups. I pulled over and shut the car off and tried to turn it back on and it was acting like a dead battery. Wait a bit was able to start it but same really jerky motion.

As for both issues is there chance of it being related and is it safe to assume its time for a new alternator. Thanks again

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