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Milton 01-17-2013 06:36 PM

2007 Rear Brake Rebuild
2007 Focus SES (4 door sedan) 2.0 L4
Milage: ~90,000 miles

- Daughter's car, daily driver, she lives ~100 miles away so what I want to avoid is a rescue call so I try to stay ahead of problems.
- So far there has been zero maintenance done to the rear brakes and bearings. I figure at 90K miles it's time to rectify that.
- Plan is to rebuild the rear brake system with new parts (drums, bearings, bearing seals, brake shoes, springs & related hardware, wheel cylinders, flex hoses, e-brake lines, hub nuts & dust caps). It may sound like over kill but I want the daughter to be safe and I want to be able to ignore the rear brakes for another 90K miles.

So two questions:
- Now I have seen where you can get the hubs with the bearings already installed, but I am not sure what the quality of the bearings used are as they do not specify the bearings used. Can anyone recommend a hub that comes with a quality bearing installed?
- Second question, pricing for this will be around $250 USD. I could go with doing a rear disc brake conversion if the price is right. I know it will cost more, but what is the least expensive conversion kit out there?


Magus2727 01-17-2013 07:04 PM

the conversion kit usually run about $300 to $400 and is from people scavenging them from crashed Foci. you usually need to get new rotors and pads with the kit also unless found locally because rotors just cost to much to ship.

My drums had some 150k on them and they were fine. It sounds like you want to do a complete overhaul!... not sure if that's needed.

When I pulled my rear drums in prep to get a rear disk setup I could not pull the drums from the spindle. with a puller it would not even budge. Centric makes good drums with the bearings already installed, C-F-M has them, I think you can also find them on Amazon and if you have a Prime account free shipping.

shoes are fairly basic. their a re a few fancy ones that offer more bite... replacing everything you want I am not sure if you can do it for less than $250...

amc49 01-17-2013 11:48 PM

Get lifetime warranty drums, more likely to have better grade bearing. To my knowledge even the best of the best drums do not announce what the quality of the bearing is. You can most likely rely on someone like Bosch or Wagner though..........

I do front discs at 75K and rear drums at 125K, the rears still have some life left...........I have '00 and '02 models.

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