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gello88 01-16-2013 08:53 AM

Installed new Oil Pressure Switch (2000 ZX3) still leaking oil ...
I just bought a new oil pressure switch for my ZX3's Zetec engine because the old one was leaking oil. Brother installed it and he said that it's still leaking a little bit. Why would the new one leak oil still? He didn't put anything on the thread of the oil pressure switch, he just installed it as is. Is there some kind of sealant that should be put there to prevent the oil from oozing out. Seems like no matter how tight the oil pressure switch is screwed on, the oil still manages to leak out. Any suggestion would help.

We are sure that this is the source of the leak because we saw the oil come out of this part, so it's just a matter of how to seal that screw properly. Thanks!

zTimbo 01-16-2013 01:09 PM

Replaced mine about 2 months ago. I used Teflon tape on my threads and do not have any leaks.

zetecDon 01-16-2013 04:36 PM

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elsolo 01-16-2013 04:57 PM

Yes, you should have put some thread sealant on the threads if the sensor did not come with it pre-applied. Leave the first two (starting) threads clean of sealant.

I like permatex #2 non-hardening for oiling system pipe threads
Most folks use Teflon/PTFE paste

One needs to be careful if using Teflon tape, little bits of teflon tape are really good at clogging the tiny orifices inside an engine's oiling system.

Magus2727 01-17-2013 12:01 PM

You have some good oil pressure! :-) Try the tape, make sure its only on the threads and only slightly over 1 wrap you dont want to much since I believe it is a tapered fitting. I used PTFE paste (but my motor has no oil in it), but you need to make sure its able to cure. some of that stuff requires air to cure, and if you only put it on the front few threads it may never cure. they do make special stuff that will cure when only in the presence or oil.

gello88 01-17-2013 12:10 PM

The job will be redone this weekend, brother said he'll put sealant on it so hopefully that works. I haven't seen the part personally so I'm not sure the oem part came with the sealant on the thread. At any rate, hopefully, the leak will seize once the threads have been sealed

Magus2727 01-17-2013 12:29 PM

Also, you will get grime build up also eventually around it and it can seal it self after a few thousand miles... not the ideal way. I have a Jeep, it was covered in grime. did a good detailed engine clean... now I have oil leaks where before their were none. a dirty engine is not always a bad thing. :-)

sailor 01-17-2013 01:00 PM

Hah! If you can't see where it's coming from, the leak is too small to matter syndrome....


gello88 - MUCH better to remove & seal than to over tighten trying to stop the leak!


(and I'm sure the leak's location has changed, having a leak right THROUGH an oil pressure sensor isn't uncommon as things get older... Now you just have seepage at the threads.)

AllenR 05-10-2013 10:58 AM

I've got the same problem. The sensor already had thread tape on it, so I didn't add any. I torqued it to the correct specs of 11 lb/ft. and it still leaks.

sailor 05-10-2013 11:48 AM

Welcome to FF!

11 ft/lb is a very low torque spec., you'd likely need an in/lb wrench to get it right & even then it might not be "perfect" since you're torquing a lubed pipe thread fitting...

Turning it in by hand, and feeling when it tightens up works better for this. You just want to avoid cranking it in until it breaks! Once it tightens up & doesn't want to turn easy, it's good.

Problem with all of this is that you're unlikely to have clean threads there, so you're trying to seal to oiled ones. Some "seepage" is acceptable, you're just trying to avoid a drip!

If it's dripping, I'd advise pulling it & trying again with fresh tape. that should seal it well enough to prevent drips.


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