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PepsiHomer 01-13-2013 06:35 PM

Fuel system problems...
Hey, quick question but I'm currently not getting any fuel when i take that line off on the left of the rail.. I turn the key on and there is nothing coming out and I hear the pump spinning... I was wondering what that little silver disc is on the fuel line? Is that like a secondary fuel filter or something? Its really cold and I'm starting to wonder if that froze up. Its so dumb because I cant seem to take any fuel lines off before or after this silver disk.. they almost look shrink tubed onto barbed ends.. and they will not give! And I dont see anyway to remove the connection between the steel and rubber line.. It has no pipe clamps or fork ends to remove.. almost like its crimped on.. ugh!

1turbofocus 01-13-2013 11:08 PM

The silver disc at the bottom of the center of the fuel raim buffers the fuel nothing more , I have never seen one cause a loss of fuel psi

If you follow the line back to a bulge in the line like about 4-5 quarters this is the connection close to the firewall , takes a special tool that can be bought at a parts store and its a quick connection

Just because you head the pump running doesnt mean its pumping fuel


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