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Covmister 01-13-2013 12:16 AM

odd issue.... maybe someone can help?
so i had the third gear synchro go out on me and subsequently the tranny died... so i changed the tranny today along with the clutch, slave, t.o bearing,and main seal, 10 hours later everything is bolted up....start the car.... power steering line above the cat had blown or something so i replaced the section that was leaking and after the leak was gone... heres the issue... power steering isnt working now and i filled the fluid back up.... i dont hear the pump making any noise when i try to turn..... air bound....i tried bleeding it,,,,no im thinking dead pump.....sounds right? maybe something a bit cheaper like a switch or something? i dunno i think the car was unhappy at me. anyone have any clue about my bummed power steering?

marcanjelo7 02-23-2013 01:42 AM

hey guy hows it going reading through your post and noticed you replaced the line above the cat. How did you find that part?? I recently did the svt header swap and the cat was touching the line. Now i have a big leak, but cant seem to find that part. Thanks for any info you can provide me, and i hope you were able to get your system working :)

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