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VC25A2008 01-11-2013 11:30 AM

Rough idle, stalling and wrench light!!

Hoping the combined knowledge on this site can help. Recently purchased a 2008 SES sedan for my wife, she has to drive a lot for her job and needed a good car with better gas mileage.
Bought the car in November, and worked fine for about two weeks, no problems. Then one day without warning the car seemed to loose power and the wrench light came on. Read the manual and did some online research and found this to be a throttle or transmission problem. Yesterday while she was driving it the car went in to what i think is called "Limp Mode" and would only travel at 5 mph, she pulled over turned the car off, restarted it an the problem went away. Until this morning when I took it to work and it stalled, would idle rough then die. Restarted it only to have it idle so bad the car was shaking had to keep my foot on the brake to keep it from hitting the house.
Took the car to the local dealer to have it scanned (after it happend the first time) and was told it was the throttle body. Was an easy enough fix so purchased a new Throttle Body and installed it myself. Still had the same problem.
Took off the MAF sensor and cleaned it, nothing! Problem still persists! Am going to try the fuel filter and plugs this weekend.
Was also seeing this could be a problem with the Idle Air Control Valve. Does anyone know where this is located and how hard it is to clean/change? Any other helpful hints would be most appreciated is frustrating have already put more into repairs on this car then paid in payments. Seems to be a common problem and not getting any help from the local deal or Ford themselves.
Just more than a little frustrated at Ford, don't trust this car with my wife and kids and have had it less than two months.

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