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topdri68 01-10-2013 08:12 AM

Cruise control not working
My cruise control has not worked in over a month. I have seen lots of discussion on cruise control but not for my year focus - 2005 ZX4 ST. I have not been able to find a sufficient fuse diagram to know what fuses to check either. I purchased this car used back in 2009 and it did not come with an owners manual. Also I purchased a Haynes manual online that is useless. Any help on tracking this down would be awesome.

cpalz 01-10-2013 09:04 AM

Check you third brake light. My Cruise quit working when my bulbs burned out. They are wired that way.

topdri68 01-10-2013 09:13 AM

Thanks - it is on my check list. I had it to my mechanic a while back for another issue and the cruise was broke. It was a fuse he said but he cannot recall which one. He told me to check them all wit the light which is a pain. Do you have access to a fuse diagram by chance or know where I can get one? Thanks again

cpalz 01-10-2013 09:35 AM

The owners manual says fuse 29, 10A ABS module, Speed control. Located under hood.

Should be a link to the owners manual.

topdri68 01-10-2013 09:49 AM

You rock!! It could also be 53 in the car (as it is manual) which is connected to the backup lights also. I will check things out along with the third brake light. Thanks again!!

cpalz 01-10-2013 11:30 AM

Glad to help and good luck!

topdri68 05-23-2014 11:21 AM

testing 123
test post as I have not been able to post replies. thanks

suss6052 05-23-2014 12:47 PM

Moved to general technical chat.

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