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Covmister 01-07-2013 08:49 PM

is it an absolute must????
i have come to the conclusion that i more than likely have synchro problems..... i have found a trans from an 03 focus dohc and have decided that im going to put it in my 01 dohc....question is....will that trans fit/work???? im pretty sure its an mtx75 as well...and its a complete must to remove the sub frame??? i just saw a video on you tube where the guy did it in a sohc and didnt have to drop the sub frame at all...... im pretty nervous about doing this task but it has to get done along with the clutch.....any one help???[???:)][???:)][???:)][ffrocks]

Buickboy 01-08-2013 02:19 PM

2003 is a tricky year. if it has the zetec engine (exhaust up front, black valve cover) it will. starting in 2003 the 2.3l duratec (also DOHC but with the exhaust at the back and it should have a silver VC) was an option. The duratec uses a different bellhousing bolt pattern and while they are both MTX75's, it wont swap

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