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chrisandlaurie 12-13-2012 01:49 AM

Brake light switch on an automatic
Hoping someone with an 02 Focus automatic transmission can tell me where the brake light switch is located. I have checked the top of the brake pedal housing where I have seen pictures of the switch on this site for standard transmissions with the neutral safety switch beside it in every photo I have seen otherwise. I can't seem to find it on my automatic and I am starting to wonder if there is even a brake light switch on an automatic. I see the holes where you would expect to see the brake light switch attach the top of the brake arm/peddle but I am not seeing the switch anywhere in the area under the dash and no stray wires or loose switches if it popped out the way I have read on this site and others can occur.
My problem is that all three brake light's are coming on when the car is started and placed into gear. I have checked the wires in the umbilical cord at the hatch and made the repairs but my lights still remain on. I have swapped out my bulbs on the tail lights as well. I all the bulbs in the third lamps are on and working. I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem.
Can anyone confirm that their 02 focus wagon automatic brake light switch location before I go completely nuts. I have searched for hours on the net and called a friend at the dealership to no avail. I will head to a wrecker to search out another automatic to see if the brake switch is where it should be next if anyone here can't advise.

TerryB 12-13-2012 02:28 AM

The black and gray piece. Give it a little twist. The green one is for cruise control.

chrisandlaurie 12-13-2012 09:55 AM

Thanks for the photos. That is exactly where have looking and expected to find my brake light switch to no avail . I have checked that area but there is nothing there, no wires or connection's or loose switches just an empty hole.

I don't have cruise control, so I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
Is yours an automatic?...

sailor 12-13-2012 11:02 AM

FWIW, that's Definitely a picture of an automatic.

I recently did my clutch master replacement & accidentally knocked the brake switch loose, so the different arrangement is obvious to me!

When installed, the switch simply sticks into the hole with a quarter turn right to "lock" it in. Bump it JUST right to twist it & it'll pop out & could then swing on it's wire to somewhere "hidden".

Canadian could be different, hopefully one of our members from "up North" will see this and comment.

Hydraulic switches HAVE been used, though I see more of them as "differential" switches to indicate failure of one side of the dual braking system (dual diagonal so a leak doesn't loose all your braking). For all I know, that type COULD be required in Canada, making for the difference from U.S. spec..

chrisandlaurie 12-13-2012 11:07 AM

you very well may be right... I had an engine swap at the time I noticed it, very well could it popped out and got pulled somewhere. I will have a good look through the under dash area again.

sailor 12-13-2012 11:16 AM

If you don't have any luck, or if there isn't a quick Canadian response, I can think of ONE Canadian expert on here I could PM for info. who's on here regularly.

(don't always check locations, but I'll NEVER forget one long project where we had U.S. & Canada posting to England to help fix an engine issue step by step)

TerryB 12-13-2012 01:16 PM

Yes, I have an automatic. The manual trans has a different switch set-up.
Here's that set of switches.
I haven't heard of a Canadian model being any different. But I don't really know.
If it is loose, there isn't much slack in the harness and it has to be close.

BC_ZX3 12-14-2012 07:22 PM

I can confirm Canuck models are the same as the US with regard to brake switch location. If the actual switch isn't there, the wiring harness connector should at least be dangling nearby. Perhaps it's tucked up in under the dash as sailor suggested.

amc49 12-15-2012 09:56 AM

Errant foot kicks it loose and up and behind things, my wife did same a short while back. Once interior heat from car sitting has got to it amazingly little holding it in place, the retention button relaxes.

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