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ryan8787 12-09-2012 07:35 AM

Manual Shifting Problems
I have a 01 ford focus ZX3 manual transmission and lately i have been having problems with the shifter popping out and sliding forward and backwards loosely. This has happened to me quite a while ago, and i found out that if i pull off the leather cover and reach straight down from the shifter knob there is what seems to be a metal ball at the end of the rod. From there i can push the end of that rod sideways into what feels to be a plastic circle that slides the transmission into the appropriate gear. Well seeing as this is happening more and more out of the blue, i feel as i should fix this before it becomes more of a problem.
I have read a few threads here about this happening to other people, however, it seems like that they have encountered other problems due to different ways to make it temporarily work. If I am not clear enough i can take pictures and/or draw out anything that isnt clear enough.

Thanks, Ryan

zetecDon 12-09-2012 11:37 PM

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Moved to "General Technical Chat" to better assist you. An easier way to gain access to the shifter is to remove the center console. It is held on by 4 screws in the cup holders and you will also need to twist the shift knob off. Once you lift the center console out, you will notice that the shift boot is tied to the top of the shifter. Just clip the tie that is holding it and then you can completely remove the console and have it out of the way. From the way it sounds, you may have a broken shifter base. I have not had this happen myself but I have heard it happening to others before.

ryan8787 12-10-2012 01:43 AM

Thank you for properly relocating this.
Now, I am away at college with out tools for about another week until my last final. When i do get home though i will be able to disassemble the center console and get a better look at the problem. Until then I just get to quickly re-attach the two pieces together whenever they pop out on the road.
Also, would you have any idea on prices to replace this part if it were the shifter base?

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