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AlwaysSomething 12-08-2012 07:49 AM

Odd noises in a 2012 SE
Hey guys!
New to the forum and the focus and trying to run through all the sticky and important information.

I recently purchased this used from Carmax (previously a rental, but it was a decent deal) and am trying to learn all the noises and characteristics of the car before the warranty runs out in case I need to have Ford service something
I'm at 34800 mileage give or take at the moment. (automatic trans.)
I'm noticing a few issues so far that may be normal for this vehicle or not.
Would love some advice!

I have the rough shifting and rattle that you can see on youtube
Sounds like that's a known issue. Lovely

Yesterday I had a brand new noise (yay!). This only happens when the wheels are moving. From inside the vehicle with the windows down it sounds like its absolutely coming from the front passenger side wheel well.
Its a high pitch squeek almost like the noise you get when brake pads wear out or when a fan belt is slipping, but softer. Its loud enough anyone I pass close by on the sidewalk would be able to hear it. It either goes away, or covered up by road noise once I'm going faster than say 20-30MPH.
If it matters, the roads we were last night when I first noticed it and this was after ~50 miles of 70MPH+ highway driving. Shouldn't be too hard to record the noise on my phone if I need to.

Any ideas what any this could be?
Thanks guys!

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