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jenntek 11-18-2012 06:35 PM

Battery Drain - Sony System
Hi All - Quite new here to the forum.

I've owned my '05 ST for quite a few years now. Pretty reliable I must say.
There once was an issue with my battery draining. I'd say it was quite annoying.
(Good thing I have my ole reliable '91 Ranger as a back up)

I did some searching a few years ago, and discovered that the Sony Sub Woofer in the trunk was the culprit of the draining battery issue.

I disconnected the plug from the sub woofer amp.
That... solved my problem. I never tried to investigate it further.
I can live without it. Maybe there is a bad diode in the unit?
Seems like I'm not the only one that has/had this problem.

Disconnecting this did not effect my cars performance... The radio, CD player etc all still works just fine through the 4 Sony speakers.

Boy - That WAS annoying when I think about it...

I have over 180k miles on my car. Not bad for an '05

Simple maintenance and listening to the car is what keeps it going.
I purchased an OBD-II code reader (little orange one) for troubleshooting.
Its handy - cheap - and a wonderful tool to have - Not just for Fords, but, for any vehicle. I also have the ODB-I for older vehicles.

Things I've replaced:

Oil / Oil Filter - often
Air Cleaner (Replaced with CAI Cleanable Filter- SWEET!)
Head Light Lamp (Drivers side one time)
Um, that's about it...

Oh, and I was racing [driving] [race]once up a mountain and the connecting rod bearing went... I just replaced the whole engine...[wrenchin]

Oh, and then, there was that time last year when I was a bit angry [mad] [rant] and had the music up too loud? [drummer] [rant] and forgot to shift from 3rd to 4th... [giggle] and did the same thing... [rant] so... I've replaced the engine twice...[hihi]
Yes... Road Rage Red [mad] is the color [rant] I call it road rage red [mad] anyway. LoL [rofl]
I'm happy as long as no one is in front of me... LoL!
[rofl] [race] [hihi] [woot] [ohcrap] [wrenchin] [driving] [driving] [driving][race]

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