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shonut 11-14-2012 08:53 PM

Fog light mod not the hack
So, I did a boat load of research and figured out how to properly get the fogs to go on with parking lights and off with high beams. I searched the threads and found nothing like this. On my 05 ST the switch wire (pin 1(86)) on the relay for the fogs goes to the low beam relay. Which only allows the fogs to go on with the lows. This wire(green with red stripe) needs to be cut from low beam relay and have a female blade crimp connector installed. Now find the high beam relay and remove it, there are 5 pins on this relay with pin #4(87A) empty. This terminal is hot when the high beams are off and off when highs are on. You need to push the female blade connector into this slot. There is a lock tab in there that needs to be pushed out of the way to get the connector all the way in. keep pressure on connector and re-seat the relay.

To do all this you need to remove the battery so you can unmount the fuse/relay box that is under the hood. Separate the 2 halves of the box to expose the bottom side of the relays and the wiring. there is very little room to do this and you may want a 2nd pair of hands. If you have experience with automotive wiring it should take less than an hour.

** This is not a job for someone with little to no experience in automotive wiring.**

If anybody wants to do this and needs pics I can try to take some. But with the limited area to work in not sure how good they will be. It is a mess of wires in there.

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