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burnsy5shoes 11-08-2012 01:44 PM

Ford Focus 2005 Power Problem
Hi there, wondering if anyone could help, I'm based in Glasgow and have been having problems with my ford focus 2005. I bought the car used but have had no end of problems. The coil pack on the car has been changed 4 times. Once the coil pack was full of water and I found out that it was due to rainwater entering through the bonnet as I had faulty windscreen washers. A new coil was fitted but engine light came on after a week. Took it to my mechanic and hooked up to diagnostic machine. Showed a problem with coil. So I bought a new coil and also new rubber leads, these were fitted two days ago but engine light came on today and it seems like the same problem of lack of power when I am driving. I recently had my cylinder head gasket re-skimmed but think this is in-related. Further interesting thing was when the coil pack was replaced a few days ago, the courier delivered it and said ' coil pack for ford fiesta mate?' And I said no, focus!! But my mechanic fitted it as he said its the right one. I'm at a loss as to why I have to keep replacing the coil pack and car continually has no power. Please help!!!!

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