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bboyjamin 11-07-2012 11:26 PM

Mityvac MV8000 = Motorcraft 416-D002 ?
Hi, if anyone here is knowledgable on Motorcraft/Mityvac, please read on.

After installing a clutch master cylinder on my 2007 Focus, 2.0 Duratec, Alldata recommends reverse bleeding the clutch hydraulic system using Motorcraft Vacuum Pump Kit 416-D002 (D95L-7559-A).

Their instructions say to connect to the clutch slave bleeder and input 100 ml of brake fluid.

I'd like to know if the Mityvac MV8000 will do the job.

Things are expensive in small BC towns. This tool will cost over $100. If it will do the job, I'm willing to go for it as I'm sure I'll use it tons down the road.

Please advise.


bboyjamin 11-08-2012 06:09 PM

Update: I contacted MityVac and they told me you need the MV8500 for Pressure and Vaccum. Or you can just by the MV8510 gun.

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