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rickster6144 10-28-2012 02:25 AM

starting problem
hiya 1st time using this so hope i have left this in the correct problem is starting my ford focus 2000 tddi after standing for just a few hours i get all the indications of a flat battery thats checked out ok..starter clicking not spinning thats been tested ok..when trying to start it inside the car gives a ping ping sound [the sound thats made when the door is left open with the lights on ping ping ping] once bump started will start off the key no probs cleaned all connections couldnt find any problems with them...any ideas would b appreciated thanks

MEJY1988 10-28-2012 09:49 AM

Does the car start ok when cool/cold, but has the problem mentioned above when trying to start hot? If so I would have the starter checked, it could be the bushings going out.

Good luck.

rickster6144 10-28-2012 04:30 PM

no its the other way starts no probs when hot but just clicks when cold all connections disconnected and cleaned with wire wool..battery/starter/alternator checked twice with diff equipment incase one was faulty

iminhell 10-28-2012 04:39 PM

How did you test the battery? (voltage or amperage?)

rickster6144 10-28-2012 05:06 PM

used a multi meter and then a dump test showed around 12.65v and dump test didnt make that drop much alternator pushing around the 13v mark tried with all electrics on lights heaters etc and still pushed out more than enough power...tried jumping when cold at first start in the morning with a spare battery and get the same problem.if i bump start it down the street it starts no problem and will start ok for the rest of the day,problem is after standing over nite..had starter off today and checked for wear etc and all seems fine thinking at the moment possible lazy starter motor but usually with a xtra battery connected with jump leads that usually gives a lazy starter that xtra boost

iminhell 10-28-2012 05:22 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by "dump test".
On our side of the pond we do 'load testing'. That is where we apply an electrical load to the battery and then test it's lowest voltage. This also removes any surface charge.
Most times a good battery will load test just over 12 volts, but I've never seen one test at 12.65v. That sounds more like at rest voltage to me.

With the battery in the car, key in the run position, turn the heater fan on high and put the meter on the battery,,, what does it read now?
If it's lower than 12v, I'd say the battery is done for ... or if it has a removable top maybe you can add some water and limp it along for a few more months.

but everything does seems to point at the battery being the biggest problem. Second in line would be the cables themselves.

sailor 10-28-2012 07:26 PM

How easily does it "Bump Start"?

And is it running normally otherwise?

I don't know ANY details about your specific diesel, since we didn't get them over here.
IF it has a mechanical pump injection system, and one of the injectors isn't shutting off completely, enough fuel COULD dribble in there to get a bit of a hydro lock that the bump start clears. After that it would start normally until it sat again for a while...

just a shot in the dark since I don't know what system your engine uses...

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