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dhobbs74 10-21-2012 02:51 PM

Figured Out How To Fix 2000 Focus Fuel Problems
Just purchased a used 2000 Focus ZX3. Started sputtering and cutting out under load. After replacing nearly every dam thing under the Hood it was still doing it. So after looking through threads up here I decided to cut a hole under the rear seat to access the Fuel Pump. Took the Fuel Pump out, cleaned the strainer thats attached to the pump itself. Installed it back in the tank. Went down the road, still the same problem. Came back and took the the pump back out, went to Autozone and bought a new pump. Installed the new pump, went down the road, same dam problem...At this point i'm mad as hell. So I took the pump back out, looked down at the bottom of the tank and seen ANOTHER!!! round strainer that goes under the assembly itself. Took the strainer out and looked at it and it was clean but just looking at it, it looks too fine and to me it looked like it could possibly be starving the engine of fuel. I removed the strainer, installed the assembly back in the tank and went for a drive. PERFECT!!! Haven't had a problem since. My ZX3 hasn't sputteres not one time. That round strainer is starving the engine of fuel, it's not the fuel pump itself or the assembly.

amc49 10-21-2012 08:51 PM

Look closer, it was clogged. They run fine all day long and by the millions with that part on there OR............. have only bought a small amount of time until it does it again. A marginal pump can start working again with any improvement in reduction of suction needed to prime it but will shortly usually start doing it again WITHOUT the round filter on it. All it needs is a bit more wear.

That filter circle cleans off perfectly with WATER, ethanol borne fuel trash is what stops them up.

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