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mwalsh 10-19-2012 08:21 AM

Another IMRC "stuck" thread.
I know there are some IMRC stuck threads already, and I thought about popping an old one to the top. But it seems like (on other boards, at least) you get as much abuse for reviving an old thread as you can for starting a new one on a subject that's already been covered some. So I went with a new one instead.

My wife's Focus popped a CEL a few days ago with code P2004 thrown, so I knew it would be manifold related - either tumble flaps or (being as this is a D23 IM) the runner control system. Starting the car, I observed correct operation of the tumble flap control valve, and it seemed like there was good vacuum. So no worries there.

Turning my attention to the runner control system, I first pulled the short vacuum line from the intake side of it's solenoid. There was a loud clunk from down deep inside the manifold and I'm like, "Hmm...I guess that must have been runner moving." I checked the vacuum lines and they all seemed OK. So, since I had a spare pair of solenoids, and they are the easiest parts of the system to get to, I changed the one out for the runner control system and we'll see if it solved the problem. I also have a spare actuator, and will change that out if we run the car up and the CEL comes back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the car out into the neighborhood yesterday, and I don't think driving around our small block got the speed/revs up sufficiently for the runner to move.

I guess I'm confused about the physical form of the runner itself. It's clear there it's something inside the manifold that the actuator moves. But what? And is it likely to be sticking, or is it the collective experience here that it's far more likely to be either the solenoid or the actuator? If it does turn out to be the runner sticking, I'm guessing the IM has to come off? Can it then be cleaned (I'm guessing it would be carbon making it stick) or do I have to chuck the manifold away and get a new one?

BC_ZX3 10-19-2012 09:56 PM

The tumble flaps have the appearance of throttle butterfly valves and the bearings supporting the throttle spindle may wear. Therefore, It may be the flaps themselves making the noise as they shift position on the "throttle spindle" and contact the sides of the intake ports.
Don't confuse the tumble flaps with the variable length intake mechanism fitted to the SVT.
Some detail here for you with pics if you follow all the embedded links:

mwalsh 10-20-2012 07:57 AM

You're right...I had confused the tumble flaps with the IMRC. Silly me. So where I'm at now is that I have verified operation of both soleniods; and verified the arms on both the TF and IMRC actuators freely move when vacuum is applied. So I'm actually down to electrical checks on the IMRC as of today.

OK, so I've been out playing this morning. When I rev the car up by hand, I can see the the IMRC actuator is extending when the throttle is opened to (I guess) around 3000-3500rpm. So that would seem to be working properly.

The only change since goofing with the solenoids yesterday is that the Tumble Flap solenoid...when I disconnected the short vacuum line between it and the manifold yesterday, there was no change in engine tone, like there was when I did the same thing to the IMRC soleniod. Today engine tone changes when I disconnect either soleniod at the same place.

CEL hasn't come back again as of yet.

mwalsh 10-29-2012 01:30 PM

CEL came back on after about a week, so I decided to take the plunge and change out the IMRC actuator, since I had a spare one of those too. [wrenchin]

Once I got it changed out, I could tell immediately that the arm on the old part was retracting very slowly compared to the new one, once vacuum was applied. So while it was in a sense still working, it wasn't working effectively. And I guess not knowing how that part was supposed to look while it was operational had me tricked into thinking all was OK with it.

So I think all should be OK now, and I don't expect to see the CEL again now for a good long while. At least not for this issue. [:)]

2002FastFocusSVT 10-29-2012 01:47 PM

IMRC stuck open
My 2002 FSVT won't start. It throws a p1518 code and says the IMRC is stuck open. Could this be keeping the car from starting?

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