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alaskanzx5 10-11-2012 05:58 PM

sluggish from idle to 2000rpms
so i have read through several threads and i think i know what the best possible answer is for my issue but i will ask anyways as to the fact that i dont have much money right now so i cant realy be playing the guessing game.

when i first start the car and put it in drive then get on the gas it feels like it just doesnt want to go but then when it hits 2000 rpms it runs fine. while driving down the road around 2000 rpms it has a very slight stumble to it.

i have checked all the hoses and replaced the pvc hose because it was collapsing on itself, the problem got better for a few weeks but then the car went right back to what it was doing. checked the hoses agian and they are all still fine.

my bet is on the egr, but i do have a tps that im gonna put on the car. it is the stock tps, baught a used cfm throttle body with tps sensor and so i still have my stock one.
if the tps doesnt fix it then is my next step the egr valve?

freemind 10-12-2012 12:46 AM

Did you replace the PCV valve?

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