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Muso1981 10-11-2012 12:26 PM

Car won't start - Injectors

I have a 1.6 tdci 2006 mark 2 focus. Recently I have been having problem with the injectors 3 & 4 which were leaking from the seals so I decided to try and take them out and then re-seat them. Unfortunately the injectors were stuck in totally so I decided to plug it all back together.
Anyway everything put back together ok and my car no longer starts. It did temporarily star and run for 2 seconds then it cut out. Turning the key turns over the engine but it won't kick it.
It seems to me like there is no fuel getting into the injectors. Ive looked around for a reliable mechanic to help but no avail they all talk about it being huge job and I'm sure they just want to make as much cash as possible. I've found a reliable to remove the injectors and re-seat them but thye are miles away. So currently my problem is simply getting the car started.
When I remove a fuel cable from one of the injectors no fuel is coming through when turning the engine over.

Any suggestions would be handy.


iminhell 10-11-2012 01:32 PM

You have to purge the air.
I'm not sure were it is on your car though. Generally it's near the fuel/water filter.

Also, if you do indeed have leaking injectors, FIX THEM FIRST. I cannot stress this enough. The dangers of leaking fuel in a diesel are great. Do not risk it.

Muso1981 10-11-2012 02:29 PM


Thanks for the reply I cannot see anything obvious and the manual doesn't meantion an air purge. There is very little information on the internet about this. Maybe somebody here might know.

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