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fotoframer 10-07-2012 06:37 PM

2005 ZX3 Engine managment sysytem
My 2005 ZX3 will not start, It keeps blowing the 20 Amp engine managment
fuse located in the power distribution center. all dash lights and other electrical devices seem to work. when I try to start it here is what happens:

1: When I turn the key to the on position all warning lights come on.

2: The PATS Security light just keeps flashing about every 3 seconds as it does before the key is inserted.

3: I do not here the fuel pump.

4: when turned to start position no crank.

Should the pats light come on for about 3 seconds then go out when turned to on as a diagnostic check?

Does the PATS disable both the starter and fuel pump?

I have checked the starter it is ok.
I removed the steering colum shroud and visualy checked the wiring.
There is no signal from ignition switch to the starter relay (R17) in the fuse panel.
I have also did a visual on the wiring under the hood.

Does anybody know how to troubleshoot the PATS or the Ignition switch?
If anybody has a copy of the wiring diagram it would be greatly appreciated along with any other help.

My email is:

Thank you, fotoframer

fotoframer 10-07-2012 10:28 PM

problem solved
Well it was the ignition capacitor. The wire had fallen out and was touching ground.
Unbelievable that the radio noise suppresor was causing a no crank no fuel problem.

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