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Kev293 10-05-2012 01:25 PM

Dashboard electrics
Heres a thing... I just bought a 56 plate Focus (diesel).
I'm still within the period I can take it back and shout "Gim'ie back my money", but to be fair its a cracking car (my first Focus) and I quite like it.

Anyway heres the thing... the gauges all sit short of where they should be,
so even when warm the gauge sits short of half way, the fuel guage sits short of where it should be based on whats in the tank, the rev counter sits a zero even when ticking over and the speedo sits well below the first speed indicator and doesnt move to the 10mph point until my sat nav says in doing in excess of 20mph.

Anyone come across that before, is it a glitch that I can fix or pay to have fixed or should I get my money back.


hurtinfocus 10-05-2012 01:56 PM

sounds like someone had all the needles off for some reason and didnt do a very good job of putting them back on where they go.

If you want to re-set the needles yourself you'll have to pull the panel and take the plastic shield off of it, and drive around with it open and the needles off....

If you press and hold the trip-reset button BEFORE putting the key in the car, and continue holding it while you start the car, you can toggle through all of the dash information digitaly such as speed, revs, etc. to put the needles in the right place. The hard one is going to be speed, because you'll have to set the cruise on a straight road and put the needle on WHILE DRIVING. (unless of course you do this on a dyno lol)

Kev293 10-14-2012 12:29 PM

Thanks, seems to have done the trick.
Have done the rev's, temp and fuel.... just going to find myself a rolling road and its all done.
Just gald it wasnt something more expensive...!


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